NetOctave to Integrate NSP3200 Security Processor with New Intel IXP2800 and IXP2400 Network Processors to Deliver Secure Network Traffic

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Feb., 26, 2002- NetOctave, Inc., a leading developer of security processors and security accelerator boards for the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), IPsec (Internet Protocol Security), and IP Storage markets, today announced that it will provide reference designs that integrate NetOctave’s NSP3200 Security Processor with the new Intel® IXP2800 and IXP2400 Network Processors and enable developers to create protected VPN systems running at Gigabit Ethernet and OC-48 rates. The integration of NetOctave’s NSP3200 Security Processor with Intel’s IXP2400 Network Processor will enable network and communications equipment OEMs to offer high-speed IPsec-enabled products at a reasonable cost and with minimal integration effort.

“Security is a significant challenge in the creation of high-speed IP networks,” said Doug Davis, general manager of the Intel Network Processor Division. “NetOctave offers an option for the IXP2400 Network Processor that will help enable equipment makers to easily provide IPsec security in high-performance systems.”

“NetOctave is pleased to be working with Intel to deliver line-rate IPsec security in Gigabit Ethernet and OC-48 systems,” said NetOctave CEO Rick Hegberg. “The combined solution of the NSP3200, the Intel IXP2400 Network Processor, and NetOctave’s reference designs and software support will provide equipment manufacturers with easy-to-implement IPsec security for high-speed network systems.”

NetOctave’s NSP3200 Security Processor employs NetOctave’s unique FlowThrough Security Architecture to deliver full-duplex OC-48 and multi-Gigabit Ethernet throughput for IPsec encrypted traffic. The NSP3200 provides complete IPsec packet processing on a single chip, a SPI-3 streaming interface, and on-chip policy lookup. To support network-system vendors, NetOctave will market, sell and support the complete IPsec-enabled Gigabit Ethernet and OC-48 solutions for use in VPN, general-purpose networking, and IP Storage applications. NetOctave is member of the Intel® Internet Exchange Architecture (Intel® IXA)Developer Network.

About NetOctave

NetOctave, Inc., The Network Security Processor Company, builds security processors and security accelerator boards and cards for the SSL, IPsec, and IP Storage markets. NetOctave employs innovative silicon architectures to deliver market-leading system-level performance for OEM manufacturers of network equipment. NetOctave’s security processors and accelerator boards deliver complete protocol offload at line rates, enabling high-speed performance for encrypted traffic. NetOctave is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC. The Company is funded by Intel® Communications Fund, Intersouth Partners, Kittyhawk Capital, and Wakefield Group. For more information about NetOctave please visit ###

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