New Patch & Software Distribution Tool Detects & Prevents Patch-related Security Breaches on Network Computers & Servers

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — September 24, 2001 — PatchLink

Corporation, a global leader in providing the IT community with intelligent patch detection and deployment software and services, today announced that it is shipping PatchLink Update 3.0. Especially suited for IT administrators responsible for managing cross-platform computer environments, PatchLink Update 3.0 provides a fast and efficient method for detecting software-related security vulnerabilities and correcting them across all platforms and enterprise boundaries. PatchLink Update 3.0 also incorporates a patent-pending Patch Fingerprinting technology that fully automates the patch process to provide a new method for tracking network computers that require patch and vulnerability updates.


The new patch and software distribution tool is the industry’s first to detect software-related security vulnerabilities on all systems within a network before hackers exploit them. PatchLink Update 3.0 continually scans the network for patch-related security holes and provides a report of the potential security problems so that the administrator can easily and efficiently distribute the patch to all network servers.

A central Patch Fingerprint database located at is automatically replicated to PatchLink’s customer sites through a subscription to the Patch Archive. This guarantees that a customer’s corporate network inventory is always current with the latest Patch Fingerprint exposures. Once new

fingerprints are received, PatchLink Update 3.0 pinpoints all computers where fingerprints are not detected and then proactively notifies the administrator that new patches are ready for distribution.

“Over the past few weeks, technology and security experts have noted that companies continue to face online disaster due to cyber terrorism and hacker attacks,” said Chris Andrew, vice president of product management for PatchLink Corporation. “Companies can immediately protect their

cross-platform systems by installing an easy-to-use, patch vulnerability assessment and deployment tool like PatchLink Update 3.0. We designed and tested PatchLink Update to support system administrators in their efforts to protect their complex enterprise systems against these disasters before they cause online havoc and undue burden on their bottom line.”

PatchLink Update 3.0 helps IT administrators avoid downtime and the man hours needed to restore and fix systems and networks damaged by hacker attacks, in addition to providing optimized system performance, improved uptime, and higher data integrity.

Recently, a pre-release version of PatchLink Update 3.0 helped prevent a Code Red worm disaster at Web hosting company, by immediately giving the company’s engineers the ability to protect all of their servers from the malicious worm.

“PatchLink Corporation has developed a useful security tool that has protected our Microsoft Web servers from hacker attacks and other Internet vulnerabilities,” explains Nick Noghrehchi, CEO at, a Phoenix-based technology company specializing in office automation. “All system administrators, like ours have already done, should closely evaluate and update their corporate networks with current patches on a regular basis using productive tools like PatchLink Update 3.0.”


PatchLink Update 3.0 is now shipping in North America through PatchLink Corporation’s reseller network. To immediately realize the features and benefits of PatchLink Update go to using Microsoft Internet Explorer to receive a free, fully functional evaluation of the product. This evaluation version includes 25 licenses and is available for a 14-day trial period. Thereafter, those interested in purchasing and reactivating PatchLink Update must contact the PatchLink Sales Department at 1-888-970-1025, opt 1.

PatchLink Update 3.0 pricing for its server software begins at $995.00. PatchLink Update 3.0 single-user licensing, including subscription and maintenance is $12.00 per single-user, minimum 10-user license. Contact PatchLink for promotional pricing on PatchLink Update 3.0 at 480.970.1025, option 1.


Established in 1991, PatchLink Corporation has built a strong reputation in providing top quality software products at substantial savings to system and networking professionals. The Company is a leading provider of enterprise patch detection and deployment software and is one of the first companies to offer this capability over the Internet. The Company’s software sets a new standard for the assessment and prevention of patch-related security breaches, in addition to monitoring and incident reporting. PatchLink’s patch detection and deployment software is available via CD-ROM and through a hosted offering. Additionally, the Company maintains and markets WebConsole® IT Management Suite. PatchLink products are installed on more than 2 million network servers worldwide. For additional information on PatchLink, visit

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