New Security Hardened Protocol Replaces SMTP In Corporate Environments

SETAP (Secure Email Transport Authentication Protocol) is a network Email Server protocol that incorporates 2048-bit 4AES Encryption for secure data transmission; a virtually infallible method of client authentication without the use of certificates that may be intercepted and forged; and utilizes Random Data Ports over a 2048-bit 4AES Encrypted Channel using a Unique Session Key for each transaction.

CTD Technologies’ patented SETAP Server appliance is built entirely around SETAP. Incorporating some of the industry’s finest intrusion detection, monitoring and firewall technology, SETAP Server offers a new standard for pro-active security-hardened network Email delivery. In most network environments, standard Email serving methods are highly vulnerable to compromise and are extremely time-intensive to set-up and maintain even a low-level of protection. The SETAP protocol along with the SETAP Server provides for automatic registration, pro-active system protection against intrusion and little administration.

Knowledgeable hackers know every exploit for every security standard that you are trying to implement. With SETAP, we set out to redefine those standards and in the process came up with an extremely challenging protocol. I take pleasure in knowing that this protocol does not play by the rules at all, says Michael Vaughn, Chief Software Architect for CTD Technologies. Virginia Guiler, VP of Research and Development for CTD Technologies additionally comments, As processor speeds and bandwidth increase rapidly in our connected world, secure communication becomes a necessary resource that requires absolute authentication and accuracy. The SETAP protocol and SETAP Server were designed for precisely that purpose.

More information about SETAP and the SETAP White Paper are available on our server:

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