Next generation gateway anti-virus solution supports Domino R5

Sophos, a world leader in corporate anti-virus protection, today announced the availability of Sophos MailMonitor for Notes/Domino, a gateway anti-virus solution for users of Lotus Notes/Domino R4.5, R4.6x and R5. MailMonitor can protect enterprises against over 68,000 computer viruses, worms and trojan horses.

MailMonitor for Notes/Domino provides large and mid-sized enterprises with a high-performance and reliable security solution designed to protect both Notes databases and email from Internet and email-aware worms, trojan horses and viruses.

“Recent months have seen many businesses struck by email-aware viruses such as Nimda and Sircam,” said David Mitchell, product manager for Sophos MailMonitor. “MailMonitor provides the very highest level of protection at the Notes/Domino gateway.”

MailMonitor builds on the reputation of Sophos’s previous product for the Notes platform, Sophos Anti-Virus for Notes/Domino. Independent bodies have confirmed the high quality of Sophos’s anti-virus protection for the Notes/Domino environment, including the respected AV-Test.Org which found Sophos’s product scored a perfect 100% in all virus detection tests.

About MailMonitor

MailMonitor for Notes/Domino detects and disinfects viruses in Lotus Notes databases and email. Installed on a Lotus Domino server, it operates in three modes:

* Immediate: Scans Notes databases immediately for viral attachments.

* Scheduled: Scans Notes databases at user-configurable scheduled times.

* Real-time: Intercepts and scans email attachments as they are sent and received providing round-the-clock protection.

Additionally, MailMonitor for Notes/Domino:

* Detects viruses, trojan horses and worms in compressed and archived file attachments (even when files have been multiply compressed)

* Provides automatic centralised reporting of virus incidents and outbreaks

* Automatically alerts administrators on receipt of virus-infected emails. Sender and recipient of infected email can also be alerted

* Comes complete with continual updates of latest virus identities available over the web, and product updates and upgrades delivered on CD ROM 12 times a year.

* MailMonitor for Notes/Domino runs on the Windows NT/2000 operating system and is backed up by Sophos’s legendary technical support department, available 24×365 to deal with any virus emergency.

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About Sophos

Sophos is one of the world’s largest specialist developers of anti-virus software. The products are sold and supported through a global network of subsidiaries and partners in more than 150 countries. Sophos Anti-Virus is widely used by large corporations, banks and governments.

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About is a joint research project of the University Magdeburg and GEGA IT-Solutions GbR. The Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg is located in Germany and has over 13500 students. The tests are conducted in the research labs at the Workgroup Business Information Systems at the Institute of Technical and Business Information systems. Currently, the virus test lab has two professors and approximately 15 students working regularly on virus replication, analysis and tests of anti-virus products. GEGA IT-Solutions GbR is a security consultancy company with a speciafocus on computer virus incidents.

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