OKENA Announces StormWatch 2.0 Intrusion Prevention Software

StormWatch 2.0 Further Strengthens Ability to Protect Applications Against a Wide Range of Existing and Future Attacks

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 10, 2001–Networld+Interop Booth 4832–OKENA(TM), Inc., the leading developer of proactive security software, today announced the general availability of StormWatch(TM) 2.0 on Windows 2000 and NT. This new release of OKENA’s flagship product provides out-of-the-box, enterprise-level protection against intrusions with increased scalability and easier installation, management and usability. StormWatch 2.0 brings uncompromising intrusion prevention security to the enterprise by deploying intelligent agents on desktops and servers that defend against the proliferation of attacks across networks. By focusing on the behavior of systems and applications, StormWatch protects enterprises against the new wave of attacks that breach traditional security perimeters and decimate Web servers and personal computers.

StormWatch 2.0 intrusion prevention does not require signature updates for attacks. It provides the ideal application defense mechanism for repelling new attacks during the critical first hours of a new attack outbreak. Featuring an improved interface for management and use, customers can have StormWatch 2.0 up and running in less than an hour. Click-of-the-button default policies protect desktops, servers, networks and the most popular applications against both known and unknown attacks, including buffer overflows, syn flood attacks, Trojan horses, worms and even software security holes for which users may not have downloaded a patch. For added security, protection can be further customized to meet unique business needs or to protect new or proprietary applications.

“StormWatch 2.0 is a complete intrusion prevention solution that stops both common and new attacks,” said Shaun McConnon, chief executive officer at OKENA. “Today’s enterprises feel tremendous pain from an unending cycle of attacks, as recently evidenced by Code Red. Traditional security solutions are unable to stop new attacks until after the damage has been caused. StormWatch 2.0 eliminates this customer pain because it doesn’t rely upon attack signatures or other reactive measures, but proactively locks down the behavior of applications and servers.”

Instead of reacting to a problem after it has been detected and caused damage, OKENA StormWatch takes action to prevent the problem from interfering with operations. StormWatch’s INCORE architecture correlates file, network, registry and COM functions in order to define and enforce application behavior. Application policies prevent intrusions from executing their malicious code by denying aberrant application behavior. StormWatch intrusion prevention software streamlines security for optimum protection against all types of attacks with less work required from information security professionals.

“As security breaches evolve and become more sophisticated, we’re seeing a clear need for proactive intrusion prevention security solutions that can integrate with an organization’s existing security infrastructure,” said Chris Christiansen, IDC Vice President, Internet Infrastructure and Security Software. “OKENA StormWatch 2.0 is an example of intrusion prevention software that offers enterprises instant as well as customizable protection from some of the most prolific known security threats and the new, unknown attacks.”

New Features and Benefits

StormWatch 2.0 provides pre-configured policies for complete intrusion prevention against a wide range of common attacks–regardless of changes to the core code. The new version of StormWatch adds dozens of additional features for improved protection and ease of use, including:

– Increased Protection Against Common Attacks–including buffer

overflow attacks such as Code Red, distributed port scans,

Trojan horses, SYN floods, ping of death and malformed

packets, email worms and common IIS vulnerabilities.

– Improved Enterprise Performance–through the addition of

Windows 2000 support and increased scalability for enterprise


– Powerful Forensic Tracking–once StormWatch prevents an

attack, new forensic tracking ability allows users to go back

and strengthen security infrastructure where the attack

attempted the breach.

– Newly Redesigned Interface–makes it easier for administrators

to manage and use the software for even faster set-up and

minimal maintenance.

For a full chart covering all the new features and benefits, please visit http://www.okena.com/products/stormwatch2_0.html.

Pricing and Availability

OKENA StormWatch is a stand-alone layer of security, which can also work together with existing security infrastructures to provide the most comprehensive protection. OKENA StormWatch 2.0 is available as a three-year subscription model, and will be generally available by the end of September. The pricing model is comprised of the following components matched to fit business needs, with pricing starting at:

– Management Console: $2,210

– Intelligent Agent for Servers: $795

– Intelligent Agent for Desktops: $50

For more information, contact OKENA at (781) 209-3220.


OKENA develops break-through security software products that proactively preserve the operational integrity of applications and host systems. OKENA’s application-centric technologies enforce authorized application behavior to allow acceptable business activity while proactively preventing dangerous activity from executing. This behavioral approach reduces high IT costs associated with the maintenance and deployment of traditional attack-centric signature technologies. OKENA, headquartered in Waltham, Mass., was founded in 1999 and is privately held. For more information on StormWatch and OKENA’s INCORE architecture, visit the OKENA Web site at www.okena.com.

OKENA, INCORE and StormWatch are trademarks of OKENA, Inc. Other trademarks used in this document are the properties of their respective owners.

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