PatchLink Update 3.0 Protects Beta Customer From Code Red Worm


PatchLink Update 3.0, Currently in Beta and Available Q3,

Will Greatly Ease The Discovery and Deployment of

Patches Across a Network

PatchLink Corporation, a global leader in providing the IT community with intelligent patch detection and deployment software and services, today announced that its Beta program was successful in stopping the Code Red worm from defacing a customer’s Web servers.

PatchLink Update automatically discovered the patch necessary in defending’s IIS server against the malicious Code Red worm and its variants. PatchLink Update continually scans the customer’s network for patch-related security holes and provides the system administrator with a report of the potential security problems so that the administrator can easily and efficiently distribute the patch to all network servers. PatchLink Corporation has been perfecting patch detection technology since 1997.

“I was very happy to find out that our Web hosting company is currently using the pre-release version of PatchLink Update and that their servers were patched weeks before the Code Red worm hit the Internet,” explained Kaveh Shahidi, CEO, Corporation.

“Within hours of Microsoft releasing the patch, we had it in our system and could see which servers needed it,” added Nick Noghrehchi, CEO at, the Web hosting company. “Then we were able to deploy the patch to our test servers. Once we certified the patch, it was deployed on all the company’s Web servers. PatchLink Update has greatly eased our abilities to distribute this and other critical patches.”

PatchLink Update gives system administrators the ability to automatically distribute the most current patches and fixes from anywhere, at any time, using an Internet connection and browser, greatly reducing the time it takes to adequately protect a network from vulnerabilities.

“The Code Red worm takes advantage of IIS, used by many Web sites, and plants malicious worms throughout the Net,” said Sean Moshir, CEO, PatchLink Corporation. “Such attacks are very common, typically numbering in the thousands on a monthly basis. While Microsoft did issue a patch to fix the server security flaw in June, system administrators are bogged down by the amount of time it takes to adequately distribute the patch to their entire network. This is an extremely daunting task. With PatchLink Update, system administrators can immediately discover, deploy and protect their networks against system vulnerabilities.”

PatchLink Update 3.0, is scheduled to ship in Q3 2001, and will include new vulnerability assessment and resolution capabilities that will provide a fast and efficient method for quickly correcting software-related security breaches across all platforms and enterprise boundaries — before such vulnerabilities can be exploited by hackers. Customers can contact PatchLink for promotional pricing on PatchLink Update 3.0 at 480/970-1025, option 1.


Established in 1991, PatchLink Corporation has built a strong reputation in providing top quality software products at substantial savings to system and networking professionals. The Company is a leading provider of enterprise patch detection and deployment software and is one of the first companies to offer this capability over the Internet. The Company’s software sets a new standard for the assessment and prevention of patch-related security breaches, in addition to monitoring and incident reporting. PatchLink’s patch detection and deployment software is available via CD-ROM and through a hosted offering. Additionally, the Company maintains and markets WebConsole(R) IT Management Suite. PatchLink products are installed on more than 2 million network servers worldwide. For additional information on PatchLink, visit

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