SafeWeb Solves the Secure Remote Access Problem

SafeWeb’s Secure Extranet Appliance gives companies a simple, effective and economical means to secure corporate network resources

EMERYVILLE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 4, 2002–SafeWeb, Inc., a leading provider of Web-based security and privacy technologies, today announced the release of its new enterprise product, the SEA Tsunami. The first of SafeWeb’s Secure Extranet Appliances (SEA), the SEA Tsunami greatly simplifies the task of securing corporate network resources with a low-cost solution that builds on the strength and reliability of SafeWeb’s proven core technology.

“In this new offering, SafeWeb is leveraging its core expertise developed and tested in their online privacy service,” said Gilman Louie, president and CEO of In-Q-Tel, a private, not-for-profit venture chartered by the CIA, and an investor in SafeWeb. “They have consistently taken innovative approaches to solving difficult security and privacy challenges in the consumer and enterprise markets. Technical strength and a keen focus on the user experience differentiate SafeWeb in this new space.”

SafeWeb’s Secure Extranet Appliances introduce a fundamental redesign of extranet architecture by integrating disparate technologies into a modular plug-in network appliance. An “all-in-one solution,” the SEA Tsunami drastically simplifies implementation of both VPNs and extranets while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The innovative architecture of the SEA Tsunami lets companies build secure extranets in less than an hour, enabling remote employees, clients and partners anywhere to access internal applications and data securely using just a Web browser.

“We looked at all the secure remote access technologies on the market,” said Charles Wunderlich, Associate VP of Electronic Commerce at North American Medical Management, one of SafeWeb’s initial users. “Hands down, the SEA Tsunami is the easiest, most cost-effective solution out there.”

Key Benefits of SafeWeb’s SEA Tsunami:

— Proven Security – Protects all network communications with the

strongest banking grade encryption. It utilizes SafeWeb’s

award-winning, field-tested security technology to protect

your data as it flows over public networks.

— Reduced Costs – Requires no changes to your company’s existing

network infrastructure or installation of client or server

software. Therefore, costs or deployment, user training and

support are a fraction of those for traditional extranets.

— Ease of Use and Accessibility — Works with any major browser

and utilizes an intuitive Web interface. Users do not need to

download, configure, or learn any new procedures.

— Speedy Implementation – The unique modular architecture and

ease of installation means you can build a secure extranet in

just an hour instead of months, or even years, that it

typically takes to deploy traditional VPNs or extranets.

— Ease of Administration – Has an easy-to-use administrator Web

interface that allows centralized, secure management of all

remote access via Web, SSH or serial connections.

— Flexibility and Scalability – Easily scales to tens of

thousands of concurrent users and interoperates with existing

infrastructures via open standards.

Many companies currently must deal with several disparate and complex multi-vendor technologies in order to secure the flow of data beyond local network boundaries. As a result, they shoulder the burden of huge costs, risk and delay. The SEA Tsunami solves this problem by providing greater security at lower cost, with less risk and complexity. Moreover, by simplifying the technology for both users and administrators, the SEA significantly reduces hidden costs associated with supporting and managing secure remote access.

“The SEA lets companies build secure extranets quickly and easily so that they can focus on using technology to solve business issues rather than getting bogged down in the details of implementing new technology,” said Jon Chun, president and CEO of SafeWeb, Inc. “This is the perfect application of our technology, which is the only pure Web-based technology in this space that has been field-tested worldwide over two billion times in the past year and a half.”

Availability and Pricing

The SEA is currently available to the general public. The price of each unit starts at $15,000 and is determined by the functionality and number of concurrent users. More sales information is available on the company’s Website at

About SafeWeb

Based in Emeryville, California, SafeWeb was founded in April 2000 to create innovative security and privacy technologies that are effective, economical and simple. Our mission with the Secure Extranet Appliance is to deliver technology that drastically reduces the cost and complexity traditionally involved in securing corporate network resources.

Since its inception, SafeWeb has built the world’s largest online privacy network and has established strategic partnerships to deliver customized versions of its proven technology to high-profile U.S. intelligence and communications agencies. SafeWeb has received numerous awards for its technology, and has been recognized as a privacy and security expert before the U.S. Congress and at industry conferences such as DEF CON. For more information, please visit the company’s Website at

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