Samsung’s Cubic Solutions Announces Embedded Network Encryption Technology

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 4, 2001–

— Cubic Solutions announces embedded network encryption

technology on SOC, ASIC and in Samsung-branded ASSP Products

— Provides hardware-based, cryptographic accelerators using

SafeNet, Inc.’s SecureIP(TM) encryption engine.

— Counters the threat of hacker attacks and provides advanced

security for Internet privacy. Cubic Solutions, Samsung’s System LSI business division, announces the availability of SafeNet, Inc.’s SecureIP(TM) embedded network encryption technology on SOC, ASIC and in Samsung-branded Application Specific Standard Products. The SecureIP(TM) encryption engine, licensed from SafeNet, Inc., provides hardware-based cryptographic acceleration for Virtual Private Networks (VPN), major network infrastructure, broadband security, and network security for the next generation of wireless devices including personal digital assistants, phones and pagers.

Cubic Solutions has licensed the complete suite of SafeNet, Inc.’s SecureIP Technology(TM) to offer customers a comprehensive range of embedded encryption hardware options to suit their specific needs. Products are available either as stand-alone building blocks or integrated SecureIP(TM) packages. The SecureIP(TM) encryption technology enables hardware engineers to design products that offer greater speed and enhanced performance. The security products are:

— Symmetric Encryption: DES, 3DES, AES, RC-4

— Message Hashing: SHA-1, MD5, RIPEMD-128/160 (European)

— True Random Number Generator

— Complete IPSec Packet Processing

“By using SafeNet’s SecureIP(TM) on our SOC and ASIC products we’re now offering excellent cryptographic acceleration and private key protection,” says Noel Park, Senior Vice President Cubic Solutions. “We serve most of the major manufacturers of network devices. And now we’re offering them both faster secure data transmission and hardware security options.”

“We are very pleased that Samsung, a leading communications semiconductor manufacturer, will be offering SafeNet’s SecureIP Technology(TM) to their customers worldwide,” says Anthony A. Caputo, Chairman and CEO of SafeNet. “This is a clear example that SafeNet has earned global recognition as a leader in the encryption technology industry.”

The threat of hacker attacks and need for Internet privacy has created a growing demand for advanced security to be implemented into private networking systems. Adding cryptographic functionality to any networking device through software implementation drains a device’s CPU processing power, slowing it down considerably. With SecureIP Technology(TM) the complex cryptographic algorithm is hardwired onto a chip, freeing up CPU cycles. SecureIP(TM)’s authentication algorithms, IPSec Header and Trailer processing, further speed the routing of encrypted information.

About Cubic Solutions:

Cubic Solutions is Samsung Semiconductor’s System LSI business unit focused on development of solutions in networking, wireless, PDA, digital-TV, set top box, storage and display applications for the US market. Cubic Solutions was created to operate independently so it could focus its efforts in meeting its U.S. customers’ needs while still benefiting from Samsung’s wide array of resources. Cubic Solutions provides its customers with a full library of cores for its target applications, system development know-how and fab process expertise. For more information, please visit our website:

About Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Samsung Electronics, with year 2000 sales revenue of US$27 billion is a world leader in the electronics industry. It is the world’s leader in DRAM memory, SRAM memory, and TFT-LCD display products for industrial, mobile and desktop computing applications. Samsung Electronics is also the world’s fourth largest semiconductor company overall with a full line of semiconductor products including microprocessor and custom ASIC components. Maintaining its long and distinguished history of industry firsts, Samsung Electronics is the first company to develop a 4-Gigabit DRAM and has fully functional prototypes of the next generation DDR-II DRAM. Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. is located in San Jose. For more information, please visit our website:

About SafeNet, Inc.:

SafeNet (Nasdaq:SFNT), a leading provider of Internet security utilizing its SecureIP Technology(TM), has set the industry standard for Virtual Private network (VPN) technology and secure business communications. The company brings over 18 years of experience in developing, deploying, and managing network security systems for the most security-conscious financial institutions and government organizations around the world. SafeNet’s proven technology has emerged as the de facto industry standard for VPNs, establishing the company as the provider of choice for leading Internet infrastructure manufacturers, service providers, and security vendors. With SafeNet securing the infrastructure of today’s e-business communications, the company is opening new markets for interoperable, secure, and deployable VPN communications. For more information, visit

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