Sophos Supplies Award-Winning Anti-Virus Protection For Emc Celerra File Servers

Sophos, a world leader in corporate anti-virus protection, today announced the integration of its virus scanning technology with EMC Corporation’s Celerra File Server. As a member of EMC’s Developers Program, Sophos is helping to protect EMC’s customers from over 72,000 viruses, worms and Trojan horses.

EMC’s Celerra File Server is a dedicated network file server that allows customers to share information over networks. When combined with Sophos Anti-Virus, it checks all files for malicious code. The Sophos virus scanning engine, which has been certified by independent testing laboratories around the world for detecting 100 per cent of in-the-wild viruses, will scan data as it is stored on EMC’s Celerra File Server.

“Customers need to protect their most valued assets and require advanced tools to ensure that their data is not corrupted by viruses,” said Linda Wright, EMC’s Senior Director of the Developers Program. “Through EMC’s Developers Program, Sophos Anti-Virus will assure the integrity of the critical customer data stored by the Celerra File Server.”

As a member of EMC’s Developers Program, Sophos has access to a wide range of EMC’s open application programming interfaces (APIs), enabling seamless interoperability that combines the technological expertise of both companies to better protect and leverage customers’ critical information infrastructures. By sharing its interfaces with Sophos, EMC helps customers take full advantage of the leading performance, availability and management features of EMC Enterprise Storage systems and software, while eliminating costly, time-consuming application creation or customisation.

“A series of high profile virus incidents has led users to be more concerned with defending crucial data than ever before,” said Richard Baldry, product manager at Sophos Anti-Virus. “Irrespective of where information is stored it needs to be guarded, and we are pleased to be working with EMC to achieve this.”


Sophos is one of the world’s largest specialist developers of anti-virus software. The products are sold and supported through a global network of subsidiaries and partners in more than 150 countries. Sophos Anti-Virus is widely used by large corporations, banks and governments.

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