Sygate and netForensics Close Important Gap in Enterprise Security

Partnership Integrates Security Information Management With Strict Security Policy Enforcement for Mobile and Remote Users

FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ — Sygate Technologies Inc., a provider of user specific enterprise security, and netForensics, a provider of Security Information Management solutions, have integrated to empower security managers with real-time information on the security status of mobile and remote users. This alliance closes an important gap in enterprise security. Remote and mobile users are often targeted by hackers as an easy entrance point into corporate networks. Hackers steal user identities and connections to obtain valuable and sensitive corporate information. Sygate Secure Enterprise (SSE) protects the enterprise in a unique manner by focusing security to each specific user. SSE Security Agents automatically implement policies that enforce safe user and application behavior while detecting and blocking malicious intrusions from entering the network regardless of how or where the user is connecting to the network.

“Comprehensive solutions for enterprise security will come from coordination of multiple measures such as VPN, firewall and IDS. netForensics’ integration with Sygate includes the remote and mobile user community which was previously difficult to capture. netForensics’ strong ability to correlate security information from multiple layers of defense reduces operational costs and enhances the security posture of the enterprise,” said Jon Brody, VP of Marketing for Sygate Technologies. Sygate Secure Enterprise offers user specific security management of mobile and remote users enabling organizations to secure their remote access network on a large scale. Sygate Secure Agents employ an advanced security engine capable of detecting and instantly blocking known and never-seen-before threats from invading the corporate network. Security Servers provide real-time centralized or distributed remote control, monitoring, and policy management to achieve the following: a) reduce the risk of intrusion at every endpoint PC across an extended enterprise, b) defeat intrusion attempts and c) alert the IS staff and provide security reports. Countermeasures follow the user and automatically adapt to the application being used as well as to the method of connection including broadband, wireless, and dialup.

“Enterprises today need comprehensive protection that includes their remote and mobile users — Sygate meets that demand which until now has been an issue. For the first time, security of this community of users is under central control. Our integration with Sygate links the security status of mobile and remote users with other layers of security to improve managers ability to detect, coordinate and respond to the new generation of threats,” said Maria DiMarco, Vice President of Marketing for netForensics.

Sygate Technologies and netForensics, both Cisco AVVID partners, have joined to provide information on how to achieve comprehensive enterprise security. Details on how to obtain more information on the benefits of the Sygate Secure Enterprise and netForensics integration are at

About Sygate Technologies, Inc.

Sygate Technologies Inc. (, is a leading vendor of user specific enterprise security solutions. Sygate’s unique architecture focuses on the individual user, providing the infrastructure to protect valuable and sensitive corporate information from intruders, enforce safe behavior on all endpoints, and achieve compliance with enterprise security policy. Based on this architecture, Sygate Secure Enterprise (SSE) Security Agents are deployed with an advanced heuristic security engine to detect and block known and unknown threats from the new generation of malicious ware that exploit host computers, as well as their VPN, wireless and other remote connections. SSE’s Security Servers centrally manage policies, which follow the user as they change location or method of connection, dynamically adapting to the changing risks of each environment.

Sygate Technologies Inc. is a private company headquartered in Fremont, California, USA. Protecting more than two million networks worldwide, Sygate secures Internet devices, mobile computers, servers, as well as access to their connections.

About netForensics

Located in Edison, NJ, netForensics, Inc. ( software solution provides centralized Security Information Management (SIM) that not only ties together point-product solutions, but also provides corporations and their IT staff significant Return on Investment. Its multi-dimensional “drilldown” architecture features real-time reporting, correlation and forensics analysis that allow network managers to access critical security information from any web-browser to focus on and respond to high-risk threats to their valuable assets. netForensics’ seamless native integration with a wide variety of vendor security devices as well as its Universal Agent technology provides centralized security monitoring, dynamic security threat analysis and automated response mechanisms.

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