TechTracker Desktop 2.0 — Reduce the Risk of Conflicts, Crashes and Security Holes From Outdated Software


New Update Utility Simplifies Software Management and

Extends Life of Current Software

NetWorld+Interop–TechTracker, Inc., a provider of computer stability solutions, today announced the availability of TechTracker Desktop 2.0(TM).

TechTracker Desktop is a software utility designed to simplify the time-consuming task of software version management and extend the life of software through proactive alerts of available updates, patches and upgrades for the software on a user’s computer.

“An up-to-date system prevents a lot of typical user problems — software bugs, security holes and the like — plus you get added functionality and a more stable computer,” said Duane Benson, director of product marketing for TechTracker. “TechTracker Desktop will keep your software current so you get the benefits of updated software without burning the time to find the right updates for all your different programs.”

Powered by TechTracker’s award-winning VersionTracker(TM) database, TechTracker Desktop 2.0 creates a customized inventory of software by checking all the application and operating system software on a user’s computer. TechTracker Desktop then proactively alerts the user when upgrades or patches are available for each application users choose to track. With a single click, users can evaluate the update based on Editor Picks and peer reviews at the website before choosing to download and install on their own computers.

TechTracker Desktop 2.0 is targeted towards mid-to-high end Windows users and IT professionals who are concerned about software performance, security, and extending the life of their existing software. Macintosh users should visit for a Mac software update solution.

Price and availability

The MSRP is $29.95. For a limited time, TechTracker Desktop is available as a free download at

System requirements

TechTracker Desktop 2.0 works with Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, and XP and requires a Pentium or better processor, 64 MB RAM, 4.9 MB of disk space, an Internet connection and a web browser.


Owned and operated by TechTracker, is the most accurate and up-to-date source of Windows, Mac and Palm OS software updates on the Internet. is updated seven days a week and is trusted by over 2.4 million unique users a month to provide their software update information.

About TechTracker, Inc.

TechTracker provides the tools that create Computer Enlightenment for users, developers and IT professionals. TechTracker solves computer problems by offering users direct, and customized application update information, patch alerts, and new software releases across multiple computing platforms. For more information, please visit:

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