The Southwest CyberTerrorism Summit Announced

CyberTerrorism Summit Brings Hackers and Law Enforcement Face to Face

Dallas, TX — today announced a bold move in the war against cyber-terrorism. The Southwest CyberTerrorism Summit to be held May 4, 2002 in Dallas, TX will feature cutting-edge presentations from both underground hackers and from industry security experts. Topics include Wireless Hacking, Cyber-attacks, Information Warfare, Privacy, Computer Viruses, Industrial Espionage and Identity Theft.

The conference, which comes in response to recent statements by the Cyber Security Advisor to the President, Richard Clarke, promises to attack cyber terrorism from novel angles. According to Clarke, cyber attacks “could lead to catastrophic damage to the economy, and, if done at a time of national security crisis, could lead to catastrophic damage to our national defense.”

Speakers already booked for the conference include Seth Fogie, former U.S. Navy Nuclear Engineer and the author of “Windows Internet Security: Protecting Your Critical Data.” Also booked is Dr. Cyrus Peikari, a speaker at Defcon and the author of the best-selling “Windows XP Professional Security Handbook” from Prentice Hall publishers.

Conference coordinator Anthony Lauro is excited about the project. “The conference is unique in that it brings together both ends of the security spectrum,” says Lauro. From early registration results so far, we expect a large turn out both from the underground hacking community and businesses, law enforcement, and the military. It will be an eye-opening event.”

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