Utimaco Safeware Highlights at CeBIT 2002, Hall 17, Stand F06

Oberursel, 1 February 2002 – At CeBIT 2002, (13th to 20th March), Utimaco Safeware is presenting innovative technologies and solutions, providing professional IT security for companies and government bodies. This year’s CeBIT highlights include:

SafeGuard® Biometrics

Unique biometrics solution, proven in practice, for authentication, encryption and Digital Signature

With the new SafeGuard® Biometrics, users can be securely authenticated by their fingerprints, which are saved on smartcards. Not only can the biometric method be used for convenient, secure system access. It can also be combined with standard applications such as MS Outlook, Netscape, and Utimaco Safeware’s own SafeGuard® product family so that alll aspects of IT security are covered. Unlike other biometric solutions, SafeGuard® Biometrics is not only suitable for logon to the operating system or SSO, but can be used in all areas of IT security such as strong authentication, Digital Signature and file encryption. This means investment in new applications costs less, and user support is cheaper. Recently, SafeGuard® Biometrics was used to implement the first ever large- scale biometrics system for IT security world-wide t involving more than 12,500 workstations.

Safe Guard® Biometrics will also be presented on these trade fair stands: Microsoft (Hall 4, Stand A38), HP HP (Hall 1, Stand 7i2) and SAP (Hall 11, ENAC Stand B ground floor).

SafeGuard® PrivateCrypto

Now Pocket PCs with Windows CE can benefit from access protection and email encryption

SafeGuard® PrivateCrypto extends Utimaco Safeware’s product range in the area of Personal Device Security to meet the growing demand for security solutions for PDAs. The program encrypts and compresses files on pocket PCs in order to protect them from unauthorized access- , locally-, or during Internet transfer.. It is easy to implement, simple to use and requires no additional infrastructure. SafeGuard® PrivateCrypto uses AES, the new international encryption standard, making it one of the fastest and most secure encryption applications in the world.

SafeGuard® Sign&Crypt

Digital signature product portfolio extended to document management

In expansion of the existing digital signature product portfolio which covers secure messaging (Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes integration), office applications (Microsoft Office and Windows integration), workflow management (SAP/R3 module), and e-portal solutions, Utimaco Safeware will introduce its suite of document management solutions for digitally signing PDF files, as well as verifying signed PDF files at CeBIT 2002. This new suite of security and productivity solutions includes a standalone tool for signing PDF files, a signature and verification plug-in for Adobe Acrobat and a tool for verifying digital signatures on PDF files. With these solutions authorities, organizations and companies add reliability and trust to both their internal and external (on-line) PDF documents.

Security Gateway Technology

Platform for integrating security functions into complex, organization-specific applications

Utimaco Safeware’s System House, which specializes in innovative security projects, will be presenting Security Gateway Technology. There are several different application-specific versions of this platform, which are based on Utimaco Safeware technologies such as CryptoBastion®, an application firewall and the CryptoServer® 2000 hardware security module. Authentication Gateway, Signature Server and SecureMail Gateway are used to provide tailor-made solutions to meet the security requirements of companies (e-business and m-business), and e- government which use mature IT infrastructures.

Authentication Gateway: the quantity of applications and data made available for special user groups increases constantly. Individual accesses to MyData and MyApplication require MySecurity, i.e. authentication technology. The central Authentication Gateway reduces company effort and costs for administration and maintenance of different authentication procedures. At the same time, organizations can choose the form of authentication they wish. Smartcards, software or mobile ‘phones can be used.

Signature Server: Signature Server is used wherever large volumes of data must be signed as in e-government (e.g. for archiving systems) or in industry (e.g. for sending electronic VAT or sales tax returns to the tax authorities). In contrast to a qualified digital signature- , which is assigned to one real person, Signature Server involves company-specific server certificates (“advanced” signatures). A practical, high-performance solution which can be upgraded by adding integrated time stamp services.

SecureMail Gateway: until now, e-mail systems have only transported e- mail, and could not be used to represent the work processes of an organization. Everyday work processes such as representative management, distributed working within a group, the archiving of e- mail traffic, or the production of a certificate of receipt, can be carried out using the SecureMail Gateway. The SecureMail Gateway functions as the “main post office “, offering a means to implement a central company policy.

CS LAN Payment server: all card-based payment systems require the use of hardware security modules. The System House will present its sector-specific payment solution for use in transaction networks for financial service providers and banks. This solution is based on CryptoServer® 2000, which uses the new HSM technology.

Utimaco Safeware AG is one of the major European technological manufacturers of professional IT security solutions. The security technology and solutions developed by Utimaco Safeware protect the electronic data of companies and government bodies against unauthorized access and guarantees that business processes and administrative procedures in the electronic world are binding and confidential.

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