WatchGuard and CorpNet Security Team To Deliver Solutions For Financial Institutions


WatchGuard Firebox And ServerLock Products Utilized For Compliance

With Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Requirements

WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:WGRD), a leader in Internet security, today announced that it is working with CorpNet Security, Inc. to deliver packaged solutions to assist financial institutions’ compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).

The GLBA, effective July 1, 2001, requires US financial institutions to create, implement, and maintain a comprehensive information security program. An authorized WatchGuard reseller, CorpNet Security integrates WatchGuard network and server security products along with specialized people, policies and awareness services to assist financial institutions in meeting GLBA guidelines of managing and controlling access to customer information.

Cornhusker Bank in Lincoln, Nebraska recently adopted WatchGuard products and CorpNet Security’s services to protect their customers and address GLBA compliance issues.

“We are required to maintain our compliance with the GLBA,” said Ken Ward, Executive Vice President of Cornhusker Bank. “However, regardless of the regulatory requirements, we are determined to protect our customers and their privacy. The integration of WatchGuard products within CorpNet Security’s solutions reduced deployment costs and provides the peace of mind that our customers’ personal information is being protected at multiple layers. We are strong advocates of the defense-in-depth approach that WatchGuard and CorpNet Security have taken.”

“The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act recognizes the importance of comprehensive information protection within the financial services community,” said Jim Cady, President and Chief Operating Officer of WatchGuard. “With the increasing sophistication and frequency of Internet hacks and disruptions, organizations must implement a multi-layered approach to security, from the perimeter of the network to the core of their systems. In so doing, customers’ vital information is protected and the financial institution continues to earn the public trust. The WatchGuard defense-in-depth strategy helps to enable our partners and customers to provide this level of assurance.”

As part of its People.Proof.Security (PPS) offerings, CorpNet Security uses WatchGuard’s Firebox line of perimeter security products to manage access to networks, WatchGuard’s VPN’s to keep remote communications private, and WatchGuard’s ServerLock family of products to protect the integrity of data and critical system configurations. These products, in combination with CorpNet Security’s network vulnerability assessment, Web-based employee policy education and security training, and event/alarm management center, deliver the defense-in-depth solution required by financial institutions.

“We evaluated a variety of security products and technologies and chose WatchGuard as one of our security technology partners,” said Rick Shaw, President of CorpNet Security. “WatchGuard’s products, in conjunction with their reputation for innovation and solid customer support, made them the right partner for CorpNet Security and our customers. We expect to see continued opportunities for WatchGuard products sold through our PPS suite of security and privacy solutions.”

About CorpNet Security, Inc.

CorpNet Security offers PEOPLE.PROOF.SECURITY (PPS) solutions for businesses of all types, providing them with the most effective tools and services to mitigate risk. The PPS suite of services includes PPS/Aware (featuring CorpNet Security’s unique electronic-Managed Ongoing Awareness Training or e-MOAT), PPS/Lock, PPS/Scan, PPS/Server, PPS/Audit and PPS/Desktop. CorpNet Security’s solutions and services provide a realistic and proactive approach to today’s most critical Information Security and Information Privacy challenges. Contact CorpNet Security by phone at 888/666-9216 or e-mail:

About WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

WatchGuard (NASDAQ:WGRD) is a leading provider of dynamic, comprehensive Internet security solutions designed to protect enterprises that use the Internet for e-business and secure communications. The Company is a pioneer in the creation of the plug-and-play Internet security appliance, the Firebox, and server security software. The Company’s innovative LiveSecurity Service enables organizations and users to keep their security systems up-to-date, and its ServerLock and AppLock/Web software provides server content and application security to protect critical data and services against unauthorized or unintentional access or manipulation. For more information, please call 206/521-8340 or visit

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