Zero-Knowledge Systems Announces Availability of Enterprise Privacy Manager

Digital Privacy Policy Management for the Enterprise


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Security and privacy software provider Zero-Knowledge(R) Systems today announced the immediate availability of Enterprise Privacy Manager (EPM), the first complete privacy application for the enterprise. EPM enables corporate privacy and IT officers to easily and cost-effectively define, implement and manage corporate privacy policies and practices within the enterprise IT environment. By automating repetitive and time consuming tasks and providing powerful analytical, reporting and auditing features, EPM cuts the cost and complexity of regulatory compliance, while reducing risk and building brand.

“Before Enterprise Privacy Manager, privacy was a paper-based function within the enterprise,” said Mark Weidick, General Manager of Enterprise Products at Zero-Knowledge Systems. “IT systems couldn’t understand the privacy policies, and important activities such as tracking customer information stores, modeling data handling practices, and identifying potential privacy breaches were time consuming, costly, and inefficient. EPM solves these challenges by bringing privacy to the IT environment in one powerful, centralized solution that works with existing information resources.”

“As a Chief Privacy Officer overseeing compliance with some of the world’s toughest data protection laws, I am well aware of the challenges associated with turning policy into practice,” said Stephanie Perrin, Chief Privacy Officer of Zero-Knowledge Systems. “Zero-Knowledge Systems’ Enterprise Privacy Manager is the first software application that brings the power of technology to the people who have the ability to really make a difference in how their company handles customer and employee information.”

Enterprise Privacy Manager: Powerful Functionality and Built-In Privacy Intelligence

— Transform privacy policies into powerful digital objects

— Discover and inventory the customer and employee information

stored in IT systems

— Collaborate with departments across the corporation (business,

legal, technical)

— Analyze and assess privacy policies using built-in Expert

Systems Intelligence

— Report and inform using rich reports and audit statements

Zero-Knowledge’s EPM will complement IBM’s recently announced Enterprise Privacy Architecture (EPA), a patent-pending road map for privacy management and solutions to help companies protect customer and employee information. The amount of this information being shared, collected and stored by business is rapidly increasing. At the same time, existing enterprise IT systems were not built or deployed with privacy compliance in mind. As a result leading analyst firms are predicting that 2002 will see increased need and spending for enterprise privacy products such as Enterprise Privacy Manager.

“Security, privacy and safety will remain a top concern, and many businesses and programs will receive significant funding and resources for these efforts, possibly siphoning off investment funds from other areas,” said Gartner research, in its January 9th feature, “Gartner Predicts 2002: Top 10 Predictions”.

Enterprise Privacy Manager: Digital Privacy Policy Management

— Achieve cost-effective compliance – By centralizing compliance

management for all applications handling customer information

and automating complex and time-consuming tasks, EPM

significantly reduces the cost and complexity of complying

with regulations.

— Reduce risks and liabilities – EPM effectively manages and

reduces risk with easy-to-use analytic tools, built-in privacy

intelligence, simplified communication of corporate policies,

and detailed reporting and auditing functionality.

— Increase operational efficiency and coordination – EPM

facilitates collaboration with internal stakeholders, in

addition to automating such time-consuming tasks as data

discovery, policy analysis, and auditing.

— Build brand and loyalty — EPM helps prevent breaches of

privacy, resulting in increased customer confidence and

loyalty. When assured that their information is being handled

and protected in accordance with policies and personal

preferences, customers are more inclined to engage new product

and service offerings.

— Improve business planning – EPM can conduct “what-if”

scenarios involving customer information resources in order to

assess compliance and business value before launching new


Pricing, Availability and Technical Specifications

Enterprise Privacy Manager is available immediately. Leading edge companies can join Zero-Knowledge Systems’ limited release program and reduce the cost of the solution. Call 866/770-7765 or email for more information. Enterprise Privacy Manager is a three-tiered enterprise application written in J2EE-compliant Java and C++. The EPM Client runs on Windows 2000, and the EPM Server runs on Windows 2000. Linux and Solaris will be added in upcoming releases of EPM Server. More information about the product is available at: Journalists can visit Zero-Knowledge Systems in Booth 5 at The Second Annual Privacy & Data Security Summit in Washington for a demonstration of Enterprise Privacy Manager.

About Zero-Knowledge Systems, Inc.

Zero-Knowledge(R) Systems ( is a provider of security and privacy solutions for consumers and businesses. Zero-Knowledge software enables consumers to protect their security and privacy on the Internet, and enables enterprises to manage the privacy of customer and employee information, lower the cost of privacy compliance, and build brand around consumer trust. The company’s product line includes Enterprise Privacy Manager (EPM) for business, and Freedom security and privacy software for consumers. EPM enables enterprises to easily and cost-effectively define, implement and manage corporate privacy policies and practices within the IT environment. Freedom security and privacy software allows individuals to retain their security and privacy while using the Internet. Zero-Knowledge Systems is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec with offices in San Francisco, California. Media can visit the online pressroom at

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