Trusecure Announces Next Generation Service For Central Management Of Comprehensive Security Assurance

TruSecure 5.0 Delivers Superior Security Management Capabilities and Improved Risk Mitigation Through an Enhanced, State-of-the-Art Enterprise Risk Management “Dashboard”

HERNDON, Va.–April 22, 2002–TruSecure(R) Corporation, a leading managed security services provider, today announced TruSecure 5.0, the next evolutionary step for companies wanting to centralize the comprehensive management of their enterprise security efforts. In a related announcement, TruSecure today also announced TruSecure Lifecycle Risk Management (LRM), the only enterprise security services strategy that continuously measures, manages and monitors information security risks. TruSecure 5.0 is an integral part of executing a successful LRM strategy. To read the press release and learn more about LRM, please visit

TruSecure 5.0 delivers superior security management capabilities through an enhanced, world-class Internet dashboard application called the Enterprise Risk Manager (ERM). Real-time updates to TruSecure’s essential security practices and alerts, accessible through the ERM, enable organizations to effectively manage security in a constantly changing environment. The TruSecure ERM also delivers a more accurate enterprise risk assessment and determines the “right level” of security controls by identifying the relationships between networks, devices, applications, people and physical locations.

“TruSecure has demonstrated once again that it listens to its customers. TruSecure 5.0 is more flexible, easier to use and delivers great performance,” said Leo Cronin, senior director, Information Security, LexisNexis. “LexisNexis(TM) is a complex environment, and the new ERM will make our security team more effective and will help us stay on top of relevant risks facing our business.”

“Companies who take a life cycle approach to security risk management, rather than simply tracking vulnerabilities, will be the most successful in defending their assets against security risks,” said Allan Carey, senior analyst at IDC. “TruSecure 5.0 offers companies the ability to identify, manage and mitigate risks down to individual user and application levels from a central console.”

TruSecure 5.0 delivers tangible business benefits through new features and enhancements, including:

– Improved return on security investment– TruSecure 5.0 drives the implementation of TruSecure’s unique program of essential security practices. By intelligently associating critical systems and data with the relevant users and physical locations, the ERM creates a customized risk profile that ensures that the right security controls are applied in the right places. In this way, users get the maximum risk reduction for their investment of time and resources.

– Comprehensive and targeted management capabilities– TruSecure 5.0 takes an enterprise approach to security, allowing CIOs and security executives to obtain real-time snapshots of their company’s complete security posture, and allowing them to instantly gauge progress toward TruSecure Certification. The TruSecure 5.0 ERM also allows administrators to track vulnerabilities down to the application and user level by integrating and matching TruSecure’s alert warning system to enterprise resources.

– Faster response time– With its dynamic updating and intelligent prioritization of tasks, the ERM enables security personnel to more rapidly address those issues that deliver the most immediate impact in improving overall security. Alerts to emerging security risks immediately appear as urgent tasks for specific individuals in the ERM.

– Increased ease-of-use– TruSecure 5.0 includes an easy-to-use profile wizard, enabling the creation of customized risk profiles of critical information assets.

– Validation of alignment with regulatory requirements– TruSecure 5.0 addresses the requirements in the security rules for GLB and HIPAA regulations. As customers work their way through the TruSecure Certification process, the new ERM allows them to track the status of their progress toward completing the necessary requirements. Upon Certification, TruSecure can provide the customer with a comparison report that demonstrates independent third-party validation of control measures in place and security measures taken by the customer.

“Too often, companies rely on single assessments and consulting reports that are outdated the moment they are written, leaving them with nothing but a monumental task list, no support and a large bill,” said Bob Flinton, director of product marketing, TruSecure Corp. “Security needs to be a proactive and ongoing effort whereby organizations implement processes that evolve as new threats evolve, and continue to grow with their business. TruSecure 5.0 builds upon the success of our popular TruSecure 2001 offering, delivering key new enhancements and capabilities that answer the ongoing security challenges facing today’s enterprises.”

Pricing and Availability– TruSecure 5.0 is available today and starts at $63,000 for an annual service agreement.

About TruSecure Corporation

TruSecure is the leading Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), offering the only fully integrated, enterprise risk management services on the market. TruSecure’s unique blend of proactive risk reduction with real-time security management, monitoring and response assures continuous security of critical business information assets. TruSecure Certification has become a globally recognized symbol of commitment to effective security in an interconnected economy. Additionally, TruSecure owns the independently operated ICSA Labs? and Information Security(R) magazine. Headquartered in Herndon, VA, TruSecure protects more than 700 sites in over 30 countries, with operations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information about TruSecure, please visit

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