Tiny Software’s Trojan Trap Stops Cyber-Threats Undetectable by Antivirus Software

First Product that Combines Sandbox and Antivirus Technologies for the Best Desktop Protection

SANTA CLARA, CA — Tiny Software introduces Tiny Trojan Trap 3.0, Windows-based desktop security software that provides an extra layer of protection against worms, Trojans, Java applets and other malicious code by “trapping” all unauthorized content — including new viruses not yet covered by antivirus software — before it reaches system resources.

The program guards against deliberate attacks as well as unintentionally buggy applications received from the Internet, floppies or CD-ROMs. It comes integrated with McAfee VirusScan, making it the first product to combine sandbox and antivirus technologies on the Windows desktop.

Designed to complement antivirus scanning programs, Trojan Trap works by identifying all unauthorized code that makes it through the firewall, including ActiveX controls, Java applets, VBS scripts and other executable files. It then erects a virtual shield or “sandbox” around the suspicious content to prevent it from accessing resources such as the Windows registry, memory or space on the user’s hard drive.

This strategy makes it possible to detect unknown viruses and variants because it relies on checking code rather than on screening incoming content against a database of virus signatures that may not yet contain definitions for the latest e-mail worms or other hostile content. It also overcomes the security gaps created when users do not regularly update their antivirus software.

Key features include:

* Detailed real-time monitoring of all activities on the user’s computer, including what application or process is running, what activities it performs, and what resources it touches.

* Advanced sandbox configuration that allows users to establish custom policies to control the access of applications and processes to the resources on their computers – including files, folders, registry and memory – thus preventing unauthorized processes from damaging or compromising data.

* Alerts that inform users of each violation and enable them to react before damage occurs.

* A cache manager that can be configured to automatically remove session information in the browser cache.

* Support for antivirus software from vendors including Trend Micro, Symantec, Panda, F-secure, Kaspersky and Grisoft, as well as integration with McAfee VirusScan.

“If everyone had Trojan Trap on their computers, there would be no risk of virus epidemics like ILOVEYOU, Nimda or Goner deleting users’ files, blocking access to applications or services, or causing other damage,” said Roman Kasan, President and CEO of Tiny Software. “This product adds a vital layer of defense that can prevent a lot of downtime, expense and data loss by essentially locking hostile content away before it can reach its target. There is no better way to protect your computer against malicious code.”

Specifications, Pricing and Availability

Trojan Trap runs on Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98, costs $39.95 and can be downloaded at www.tinysoftware.com. It is also available in an enterprise version for networks. For more information, call Tiny Software at 888-994-TINY (U.S.) or 408-919-7360 (international).

About Tiny Software

Tiny Software develops products for network and desktop security. Flagship products include Tiny Trojan Trap, desktop security software designed to complement firewalls and antivirus software; Trojan Trap Enterprise for enterprise networks; Tiny Personal Firewall for desktop or business use; and WinRoute Pro, a firewall and router enabling all computers in a network to share a single Internet connection. Distributed through the Internet and by more than 5,000 resellers, Tiny Software products are currently being used by more than 150,000 networks in 70 countries. Tiny Software is based in Santa Clara, California, and is located on the web at www.tinysoftware.com.

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