Upcoming security conferences in 2002

Conference: 14th Annual Computer Security Incident Handling Conference (FIRST 2002)

Date: June 24-28, 2002

Place: Hilton Waikoloa Village, Hawaii


The FIRST conference brings together IT managers, system and network administrators, security specialists, academics, security solutions vendors, CSIRT personnel and anyone interested in

  • the most advanced techniques in detecting and responding to computer security incidents
  • the latest improvements in computer security tools, methodologies and practice
  • sharing their views and experiences with those in the computer security incident response field

The conference is a five day event, comprising two days of tutorials and three days of technical sessions which include refereed paper presentations, invited talks, and panel discussions. The conference will discuss the most recent practical issues in computer and network security, focusing on incident response.

Conference: Privacy Paradox: The Gain of Security vs. Privacy’s Loss

Date: June 17-18, 2002

Place: Regal Knickerbocker, Chicago


Given recent events and the upcoming HIPAA privacy and security guidelines, Insurance and Financial executives are faced with the issue of security and privacy of personal information. How can we protect privacy when the focus is on privacy-infringing security measures?

Note: If you would like to visit this conference, mail us at staff@net-security.org because we have few free tickets to give to our visitors.

  • Using best practices to create new standards between privacy and security.
  • Comply with regulations by incorporating technology
  • Strengthen your network security
  • Prepare yourself for Biometrics
  • Build Productivity and Brand Equity by Inspiring the Adoption of a Privacy and Secure Culture

Conference: DEF CON 10

Date: August 02-04, 2002

Place: Alexis Park in Las Vegas

URL: http://www.defcon.org/

DEF CON is one of the biggest hacker conferences and deals with various aspects of computer security.Presentations that are of particular interest to DEF CON team are demonstrations, new technology and tools, the release of unique research, the announcement of a new project, or the screening of new videos get priority during the selection process. There will be nine broad categories of talks this year, each with their own track plus a new breakout area for talks that are more specialized or experimental in nature.

Some of the interesting happenings:

  • The two break out areas will hold around 150 people each, and will be used for specific demonstrations or talks that would not work well in the really large speaking areas
  • This year broadcasting will be held on 3 separate channels of the hotel’s internal TV system. One channel will be playing movies, anime, and other kinds of entertainment. The other two will be used for broadcasting the speakers.
  • An expanded version of the classic CTF contest, this year will feature more audience participation. There will be multiple IDS systems plugged into wall projectors reporting on what is happening.

Conference: Black Hat Briefings 2002

Date: July 31 -August 1, 2002

Place: Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

URL: http://www.blackhat.com

Today, more than ever, protecting the IT resources of a company against security threats is of vital importance. In order to do this, your company’s professionals need to be capable of guarding your company’s resources. Black Hat Training is designed to raise the professionals’ competence level on specific security topics.

Some of the courses will be run by Larry Leibrock, Ph.D, Ofir Arkin, Jay Beale, JD Glaser, Tim Mullen, Halvar Flake etc.

Conference: New Security Paradigms Workshop 2002

Date: September 23-26, 2002

Place: Founders Inn, Virginia Beach

URL: http://www.nspw.org

For ten years the New Security Paradigms Workshop (NSPW) has provided a productive and highly interactive forum for innovative new approaches to computer security. The workshop offers a constructive environment for experienced researchers and practitioners as well as newer participants in the field. The result is a unique opportunity to exchange ideas.

Conference: Fifth International Symposium on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection (RAID)

Date: October 16-18, 2002

Place: Zurich, Switzerland


This symposium, the fifth in an annual series, brings together leading figures from academia, government, and industry to discuss state-of-the-art intrusion detection technologies and issues from the research and commercial perspectives. The RAID International Symposium series is intended to further advances in intrusion detection by promoting the exchange of ideas in a broad range of topics.

Conference: Annual Computer Security Applications Conference

Date: December 9-13, 2002

Place: Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas


ACSAC is an internationally recognized conference for information system security engineers, practitioners, and researchers to exchange practical ideas about solving critical security problems.  Approximately 200-250 attendees are expected with a mix of 70% industry, 20% various governments, and 10% academia.  In 2001, about 30% of the papers presented were from outside the U.S. We welcome global participation and attendance. Special recognition are for outstanding student papers.

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