iKey for Windows 2000 USB security token

Rainbow eSecurity a division of Rainbow Technologies, Inc. developed a new offering in their iKey 2032 USB security token series – iKey for Windows 2000. The new product bundle provides increased convenience of security for Windows 2000 security services including secure log-on, secure e-mail and Web access, file encryption, and remote access with support for popular public key infrastructure (PKI) environments. Five iKey 2032s, USB cable, CD with all neededsoftware and manuals are included in this bundle.

The iKey is a compact and durable token, which plugs directly into the USB port on the laptop and can be stored on a key ring, making it very convenient for workers on the move. Rainbow’s iKey USB authentication tokens are the world’s market share leader with 35 percent of the $6 million market in 2000, according to International Data Corp. (IDC).

Jay Cunningham, director of product management at Rainbow eSecurity said: “We are seeing an increasing numbers of IT directors who need to rapidly roll out stronger security technologies that users can easily use. The iKey solves their problems because it is easy to install and use, with no extra passwords for users to forget. Equally important to the network managers is that the administration is straightforward. The product has been designed to be as unobtrusive as possible while providing the user with stronger security when they use Windows 2000.”

The iKey 2000 series, of which the iKey for Windows 2000 bundle is part, is ideal in environments where on-board private key signing and storage is critical. The iKey 2000 series supports enterprise, business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications built on all major PKI systems, including: Entrust, CA eTrust PKI, Microsoft (Internet Explorer and Outlook), Netscape, Baltimore, Verisign, Aventail, KyberPASS and many others.

A month ago Rainbow eSecurity announced that the iKey 2000 USB authentication token is in the process of being tested as one of the industry’s first security tokens to support the new Entrust TruePass software. Entrust TruePass 6.0 software is a core element of Secure Web Portal Solution, which enables organizations to securely conduct valuable and sensitive online transactions with customers or partners through strong identification.

iKey USB authentication token was singled out for an “Editor’s Special” award at the 2002 Secure Computing Reader Trust and Academy Awards in London this April. In addition to the “Editor’s Special” award, the iKey received a “highly commended” designation for “Best Encryption Solution” and was a finalist for “Best Network Security Solution.”

Some of the iKey for Windows 2000 features:

Easy to deploy, scalable and manageable

  • Fully Integrated with Windows 2000 User Management
  • Maintains existing Windows 2000 Domain logon, while allowing gradual phase-in of strong iKey authentication to all users

Easy to Use

  • iKey fits into any existing USB port — no need to carry around additional smart card readers
  • Simply plug in your iKey and enter its PIN code to logon
  • Users no longer have to memorize complex multiple passwords


  • Password sharing between users is eliminated
  • The iKey 2032 can perform on-token Private Key generation and application signing
  • The user’s private key never leaves the iKey

Return on Investment

  • No need to purchase or deploy additional reader hardware
  • Decreases costs of Administration and Management of User passwords

iKey 2032 Specifications

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