BitDefender Free Edition v.7 available

Romanian company SOFTWIN released the beta release of their new, free antivirus product BitDefender (formerly known as AVX). BitDefender Free Edition v.7 now offers complete antivirus scanning features, also brings into play a skinable interface, allowing a product customization for each user.

The new release uses the ICSA Labs certified scanning engines for Microsoft Windows XP allowing users to enjoy their virus protection as they move to the future’s technologies.

BitDefender features:

  • On demand scanning – Powerful scan engines ensure detection and removal of all viruses in the wild every time you need it.
  • Scheduled scanning – You can schedule the checking of your system at any time, periodically, without any other intervention.
  • Immediate scanning – With just a right click, you can check your files and folders
  • Automatic and manual update – Intelligent update of antivirus protection, without your intervention. The update can be done from the network over the Internet, directly or through a Proxy Server. You may also check the existence of an upgrade or update, at any moment you’d like.
  • Skinable interface – You can express yourself, designing new interfaces, or you can use those drawn by others.
  • File Quarantine – By isolating the infected files in quarantine, the risk of getting infected diminishes. You also have the possibility to send these files for further analysis to BitDefender Labs.
  • Complete Report File – When launching a scanning you may choose to create a report file where you can see statistics about the scan process.
  • Free Human Technical Support – Provides 24/24 e-mail, chat and phone human technical support

Just to note, as this is a beta product, standard disclaimer applies – SOFTWIN cannot guarantee you that it is not bugfree or that it won’t generate incompatibilities with your installed software or configuration.

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