Top Rating Given Once Again to Kaspersky Anti-Virus

The respected Croatian journal VIDI, (, in edition #74, published a survey covering the most popular anti-virus programs. Once again Kaspersky Anti-Virus earned a top rating and confirmed its ability to detect the greatest number of viruses and won praise for the ease of use of its interface.

The VIDI editorial staff noted Kaspersky’s logical and well-structured user interface, “all functioning modules are located in one system – the Central Center, from which one may change settings, assign work schedules and much more”. “At first glance the wealth of options can be intimidating, however, the hierarchal arrangement and logical presentation quickly changes one’s opinion, even in the case of inexperienced users.”

A separate mention was earned by the Kaspersky Anti-Virus automatic virus database update function (accomplished via Internet connection) for its simplicity and unobtrusiveness. By default the program is set to update daily, however users can configure an update schedule that is compatible with their specific requirements and check for new virus signatures at any time interval.

Other Kaspersky Anti-Virus functions VIDI singled out among the competition are its wide range of attributes devoted to protecting email (including the search and deletion of viruses in the Outlook Express database), the system allowing centralized network installation and anti-virus management, the high speed of the virus scanning, settings flexibility and the powerful heuristic analyzer that detects unknown viruses.

“Kaspersky Anti-Virus fits the demands of professionals administering to networks. The software is also an excellent choice for home users who require the combination of top level protection and versatile installation settings”, summarized the VIDI editorial staff.

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