Information and Removal for Benjamin Kazaa Worm

The KaZaA network is one of the most popular file exchange networks using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology. Millions of people from all around the world are active users of the network that allows them to quickly dig up files they seek (such as MP3 files) and give other users access to data contained on their own computers.

On an infected computer “Benjamin” creates a directory accessible to other users of the KaZaA network and regularly copies itself into this directory under a multitude of different names, the amount of which counts several thousand. When a network user conducts a search for a file under a name corresponding with one the worm’s pseudonyms the unsuspecting user is given the chance to download it from the infected computer. Thus, this is how Benjamin spreads itself through the KaZaA network. In addition to eating up free disk space Benjamin takes additional actions: under the name of the infected computer’s owner it opens an anonymous web site from which it displays advertising banners. This way Benjamin’s creator profits by the resulting increase in advertising displays.

Sharing Files Networks Under Attack – BitDefender response to Worm.Kazaa.Benjamin:

“After Gnutella being attacked almost a year ago, it was to be expected that other fast growing P2P networks will be the next victims of virus writers” said Sorin Dudea, Virus Researcher at BitDefender, SOFTWIN. “The first Kazaa virus uses an impressive list of over 1000 titles including recent movies, MP3 songs or extremely valuable software kits, to trick users into downloading its body. Even if the virus doesn’t specify this, it might be an attempt to stop software and DivX movies distribution through exchange file networks” Sorin concluded.

Full press release:

BitDefender Response Team strived to quickly develop a disinfection tool, which we added to our download section.

Kazaa Worm Fix

According to the BitDefender Real Time Virus Tracking (RTVR), in the past 24 hours (current time is 6 pm CET) there were 2948 files infected with Benjamin worm.


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