Entercept Unveils Advanced Intrusion Prevention Capabilities

Entercept 2.5 Bolsters Enterprise Security by Delivering Unparalleled Levels of Protection and Customization to Customers

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 10, 2002—Enterceptâ„? Security Technologies, the proven leader in intrusion prevention software, today announced significant new enhancements to its flagship security product, with the general availability of Entercept 2.5. These new features are designed to meet the enterprise demand for powerful, yet flexible security. Expanding upon its patented technology, Entercept 2.5 introduces new, unrivaled levels of protection that are easy to customize and manage. This groundbreaking version also provides exclusive protection against the latest evolution in buffer overflow hacking techniques. Entercept’s industry leading solution empowers customers to choose the optimal level of security to proactively protect their critical assets, while significantly reducing security-related costs.

Entercept 2.5 introduces a new level of intrusion prevention designed to enable enterprises to lock-down systems, providing ultimate security. Entercept’s new vaulting feature locks critical operating system files and settings and uses very strong behavioral rules to ensure the server’s integrity. Enterprises who consider security essential to business operations can now add an extra layer of airtight protection to operating systems to block all intrusions and proactively safeguard critical resources.

“We are very pleased with the advanced lock-down capability that Entercept 2.5 provides,” said Mark Thacker, product line manager for Solaris Security, Sun Microsystems, Inc. “This strong, ultra-secure mode complements our existing security and provides powerful OS reinforcement, greatly reducing the chance that critical files and resources will be inappropriately manipulated, changed or modified.”

Entercept 2.5 also introduces SecureSelectâ„?, which gives enterprises the flexibility to choose the level of protection that is most appropriate for their environment. Using a powerful three-step model, SecureSelect allows enterprises to progressively increase the security of their systems. This unique feature empowers users to migrate from a monitoring mode, to a secure prevention mode and finally to a vault mode which is a complete locked-down state on the server. SecureSelect’s fully customizable, pre-defined protection modes ensure that administrators can easily adjust security levels as business demands change.

“Entercept’s unique intrusion prevention offering continues to re-define the way enterprises protect their critical resources,” says Stuart McClure, president and CTO for Foundstone. “Entercept breaks away from the cookie-cutter approach and offers customizable, easy to manage levels of protection that deliver unparalleled security for diverse environments.”

Moreover, Entercept continues to expand its advanced protection capabilities to prevent the latest emerging hacking techniques and exploits. For example, Entercept’s patented technology provides the most robust protection against buffer overflows and Entercept 2.5 is the first solution to prevent the Return into Libc exploit, a very dangerous buffer overflow that gives attackers root access to machines. If a hacker takes full control of a server the damage can be extremely costly, including stealing confidential information, altering system configurations, executing commands and/or installing backdoors. Entercept can block these known and unknown attacks before they occur, resulting in huge cost savings for organizations.

“Entercept 2.5 delivers exceptional value to enterprises that demand advanced protection, but also require a flexible and easy to manage security environment,” said Lou Ryan, president and CEO of Entercept. “Entercept continues to dominate the intrusion prevention market with our patented server protection technology and I’m pleased with the outstanding feedback we’ve received from our customers and partners on this latest version of our product.”

Entercept 2.5 is now generally available to customers. Prices start at $1295 – $1595 agent/$4995 console.

About Entercept Security Technologies
Entercept Security Technologies is the proven leader in intrusion prevention software. Based on patented technology, Entercept safeguards the entire server by preventing known and unknown malicious attacks. Unlike other security solutions, Entercept uses a combination of behavioral rules and signatures to proactively prevent attacks rather than merely detecting and reporting them after they occur. Strategic partners include Cisco, Check Point, Foundstone and other leading companies. Entercept has received numerous awards and industry recognition, including Network Magazine’s 2002 & 2001 Product of the Year, Fortune Small Business Magazine’s “65 Big Ideas List’, SC Magazine’s “Best Pick of the Year 2000 and 2001′, InfoWorld magazine’s “Business Impact of the Year Award’, and InfoWorld magazine’s Readers Choice “Security Product of the Year’. Entercept Security Technologies (www.entercept.com) is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., and can be reached by calling 408-576-5900, or toll-free at 1-800-599-3200. Entercept’s European offices can be reached by calling 44-208-387-5500.

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