Virus Related Downloads at HNS Software Section

Here are some of the useful anti virus related tools that are available from Help Net Security software section. Some of them like Kazaa Worm Fix and Klez removal tools are downloaded by thousands of HNS visitors.

AVirCAP 2.0

AVirCAP is a system for manual and / or automated detection of CodeRed and Nimda type of hack attempts and virtually all other kinds of “logable” intrusion attempts.


MailScanner 3.15-3

MailScanner is a virus scanner for e-mail designed for use on e-mail gateways. It can also detect a large proportion of unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam) passing through it. It works on Linux operating system.


DownloadSecurity for ISA server

Download content checking & anti-virus for Microsoft ISA Server. Install this version on the ISA server machine.


BitDefender AntiKlez

This very nice tool, written by Anti Virus company BitDefender, scans your computer for any traces of Win32.Klez virus (variants A, B, C, D, E, F, G) and Win32.Elkern (variants A, B, C).


Symantec FixKlez

Symantec’s version of the freeware tool for finding and deleting Klez pest.


Kazaa Worm Fix

Kazaa.Benjamin worm uses the Kazaa file exchange P2P network to spread itself. The Kazaa network allows its users to exchange files with each other using the Kazaa client software.


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