Panda ActiveScan Certified by West Coast Labs

After a series of rigorous virus detection and elimination tests, West Coast Labs has awarded Panda ActiveScan three certifications: Trojan Checkmark and Antivirus Level 1 and 2. “Panda ActiveScan has been rigorously tested in the West Coast Labs and has achieved independent verification that it achieves these demanding industry recognized standards,” noted Paul Robinson, Technical Director, West Coast Labs. “This investment in effective detection and disinfection of viruses shows how committed Panda is to the performance of its products.”

West Coast Labs is one of the most respected independent IT security organizations in the world. Its certifications, detailed below, represent a clear indication of the quality of the antivirus solutions on the market.

– Trojan Checkmark is awarded when the antivirus passes a series of tests to verify the capability of a product to detect certain Trojans.

– Antivirus Checkmark Level 1 guarantees that the antivirus is capable of detecting all the viruses In the Wild, i.e., those that are infecting users’ computers.

– Antivirus Checkmark Level 2 establishes that the antivirus is capable of eliminating all In the Wild viruses that can be disinfected.

Full explanations of the Checkmark standards are available via the Checkmark web site at

The Checkmark certifications obtained by Panda ActiveScan are just the latest recognition that this product has received. The solution has received worldwide acclaim including the “Best online antivirus 2001” award from the U.S. edition of PC World.

Panda ActiveScan is a free on-line tool for detecting and removing viruses and stands out for its stability, ease-of-use and speed. Without having to install any software on computers, users can eliminate even latest generation viruses from their systems as the solution is updated daily in Panda’s own servers. Further, if a new virus outbreak occurs after the daily update, ActiveScan is updated again to ensure the latest protection against new viruses.

In order to help as many users as possible to keep their computer virus-free, Panda Software offers Panda ActiveScan, free of charge, at ActiveScan is also available to webmasters that want to include it on their websites. Those who would like to include it on their sites can request the HTML code from (indicating the Web page in which they want to insert it in the e-mail).

About the International Independent AV Developer:

Panda Software ( is a leading international developer of computer security software for all types of customers: corporate clients, small and medium sized companies and home users. The company has recently released two new enterprise antivirus solutions, Panda Antivirus Enterprise Suite and Panda PerimeterScan. Panda’s 100% in-house, cutting-edge technology has received awards and quality certifications from the most widely respected IT security institutions. Panda Software was the first to allow truly automatic, daily signature updates, as well as centralized administration of antivirus protection, both of which have revolutionized the antivirus industry. The quality of Panda Software’s products has been endorsed by the major industry watchdogs including Virus Bulletin, ICSA Labs and CheckMark.

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