Microsoft and Trusecure Partner To Address Security Needs For Financial Service Firms

Microsoft Adds TruSecure to its Trustworthy Computing Initiative

HERNDON, Va.–June 17, 2002– TruSecure(R) Corporation, a leading managed security services provider, today announced a new partnership with Microsoft Consulting Services and its Financial Services Group (FSG). As part of the agreement, TruSecure will join with Microsoft’s Security Strategy Group within FSG Enterprise Services to provide security services to Microsoft’s clients in that industry. TruSecure was selected based on its successful track record in the enterprise marketplace, understanding of the issues faced by security officers in large financial institutions, global presence and in- depth knowledge of how Microsoft technologies can be successfully and securely deployed in complex, multi-vendor computing environments. The Microsoft FSG Enterprise Services group works with a select group of top-tier financial institutions.

A comprehensive information security risk mitigation strategy is critical for financial organizations today as they increase the use of open network systems and face the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Federal Regulation, which requires financial services firms to be in ongoing compliance with both privacy and security standards. Microsoft and TruSecure are working together to offer services that can help to assure that FSG customers meet each of the specific security requirements itemized in the 501(b) final GLB rule through electronic assessment, physical inspection and procedure review.

“TruSecure is pleased to work side-by-side with Microsoft,” said Sanjay Mehta, vice president, business development, TruSecure Corporation. “As Microsoft’s financial service customers enhance technology to meet the realities of an increasingly dynamic and competitive market, they will benefit from TruSecure’s unmatched breadth and depth of security services from security assurance through incident response.”

TruSecure will deliver services for proactive security assurance, real-time management of security infrastructure, application security review and incident response to customers of Microsoft’s Financial Services Group. The TruSecure Enterprise service addresses information security risk, such as the risk of financial service interruptions, theft, alteration of data, impersonation and other events resulting from unauthorized access to computer systems.

TruSecure has been working closely with Joel Greenberg, who manages the Security Strategy Group for Microsoft’s FSG Enterprise Services, to help extend their commitment to secure computing. “TruSecure embodies a long and distinguished history as a security company, industry leadership and authoritative knowledge,” said Joel Greenberg, manager of security strategy for Microsoft’s FSG Enterprise Services. “Microsoft chose to work with TruSecure to further our commitment to secure computing. This partnership allows us to provide our customers with access to TruSecure’s industry recognized security services.”

Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Initiative, announced by Bill Gates in January, works to create computing that is available, reliable and secure. The GLB regulation requires companies to annually review and update their related privacy and security programs. In addition, senior management of financial institutions must report annually to the board of directors regarding GLB compliance. This regulation, like others, works to establish privacy and security as ongoing business issues rather than as one-time compliance tasks.

About TruSecure Corporation

TruSecure is the leading Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), offering the only fully integrated, enterprise risk management services on the market. TruSecure’s unique blend of proactive risk reduction with real-time security management, monitoring and response assures continuous security of critical business information assets. TruSecure Certification has become a globally recognized symbol of commitment to effective security in an interconnected economy. Additionally, TruSecure owns the independently operated ICSA Labs(R) and Information Security(R) magazine. Headquartered in Herndon, VA, TruSecure protects more than 700 sites in over 30 countries, with operations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information about TruSecure, please visit

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