Psionic Technologies Introduces ‘ClearResponse’ to Automate Enterprise Intrusion Response

ClearResponse Improves IT Security Efficiency by Escalating Real Threats and Eliminating False Alarms

AUSTIN, Texas – June 17, 2002 – At the NetSec conference today, Psionic Technologies unveiled ClearResponse, an innovative intrusion response security solution that provides an unprecedented ability to respond to and manage network intrusion events automatically. ClearResponse works with a customer’s existing enterprise Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to quickly eliminate false alarms, escalate real attacks and remediate costly intrusions. The result is increased security and staff efficiency, accompanied by reduced costs associated with intrusion recovery.

IT security staffs are overwhelmed by false alarms, increasing the potential for real threats to take hold undetected. With enterprise security incidents nearly doubling in 2001 and the associated costs of a single undetected real intrusion averaging two to four million dollars, security is one of the top IT priorities in 2002. “The market needs smart security management that can automatically respond to mundane issues and free up scarce security professionals to address critical attacks in a timely manner,” said Carol Baroudi, founder and lead analyst of Baroudi Group. “Psionic’s ClearResponse product addresses a real market need in a very smart way.”

ClearResponse is designed to automatically investigate systems and look for signs of a successful attack. For those systems where a real attack has been identified, ClearResponse moves quickly to secure relevant forensic evidence to aid investigation and recovery. ClearResponse copies and safely stores audit trails, log files and other traces of an actual intrusion to prevent the attacker from tampering with the evidence and avoiding detection.

“Monitoring security intrusion alarms takes significant IT staff resources to determine which alarms represent a real security attack,” said Selim Nart, senior network architect for Vignette Corporation. “Since Vignette deployed ClearResponse, it has been able to eliminate more than 95 percent of the alarms because they are quickly identified as false. Because ClearResponse conducts a real- time investigation of the actual targeted system to determine if an alarm represents a real threat, Vignette has reduced costs and greatly increased the efficiency of its security team, which can now focus its efforts on actual attacks.”

“ClearResponse was designed to address two issues critical to the enterprise security environment: First, does the IDS alarm represent a real attack? And second, what can be done about it?,” said Craig Rowland, president and chief technology officer for Psionic Technologies. “ClearResponse is able to answer these questions by using investigative techniques emulating a seasoned security expert. ClearResponse provides 100 percent alarm verification, real-time investigation and response, as well as a consistent and automated process. Ultimately, ClearResponse enhances the level of protection an enterprise needs against costly and detrimental security threats.”

About ClearResponse

Using Psionic’s innovative patented and patent-pending technology, ClearResponse is the only enterprise product that investigates the specific targeted host, determines with confidence if an attack has been successful, and addresses the intrusion in real-time. To help protect an enterprise environment from undetected or new threats, ClearResponse enables customers to conduct regular checks for intrusions that have gotten past the IDS system. Furthermore, ClearResponse is able to achieve this process without deploying software on each system across an enterprise’s network environment.

Features of ClearResponse include:

– Consistent Process — all alarms from a customer’s IDS are scrutinized in the same detailed manner, which is critical for ensuring the integrity of a network’s security as well as for possible criminal investigations.

– Real-time Analysis — customers know within seconds if they have a problem that needs immediate attention. In addition, this feature allows ClearResponse to work well in dynamic network environments, or where regular scans across the entire network could disrupt operations.

– Automated Investigation – works 24 X 7 to protect clients’ network environments.

– Support for Leading Network IDS Vendors — currently works with Cisco Secure IDS and with the ISS RealSecure solution; support for other IDS vendor’s solutions will be added in the next few months.

– Enterprise-focused — rapid deployment, scalability, compatibility with leading Network Management tools ensure that ClearResponse works seamlessly and efficiently in large computing environments.

– Ease of Deployment — eliminates the time-consuming task of loading files on each host that needs to be protected.

– Remote Management — remote access capabilities via a secure Web browser connection allow for easy remote connectivity.

Pricing and Availability

Psionic’s ClearResponse is available worldwide beginning in July 2002. With several support options, ClearResponse is available as either an appliance for quick installation, or as a software solution for installation on hardware of the customer’s choice. Pricing for ClearResponse starts at less than $20,000. For information about purchasing ClearResponse, visit or call 512-681-3950.

About Psionic Technologies

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Psionic Technologies provides intelligent security through innovative intrusion detection and response solutions. Since its founding in 1996, the company’s freeware products, PortSentryâ„?, LogSentryâ„?, and HostSentryâ„?, have been in use by fortune 1000 and government customers around the world to aid in securing their networks and hosts. Psionic has built its reputation on standards of quality, integrity, and a commitment to solve problems facing computer security. Information on Psionic and its products can be obtained at

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