NBG Selects neuSECURE, Security Event Management Software For Resale To The Fortune 2000

neuSECUREâ„? Protects NBG Enterprise Customers With Sophisticated Real-Time Threat Management Software for Security Operations

Atlanta, GA, June 27, 2002 – National Business Group Inc., (NBG) an established leader in network integration of security solutions, LAN/WAN infrastructure and server based computing will resell neuSECUREâ„?, an advanced Security Event Management (SEM) software solution to manage their customers’ heterogeneous security infrastructures.

NBG, a trusted partner to many mid and large corporations is dedicated to providing its customers with the most advanced security solutions. They maintain their leadership position by identifying new industry trends and by selecting partners who offer the best solutions that they can provide to their customers.

“We are constantly looking for the most comprehensive solutions for our customers. We’ve identified SEM as a new but important direction and it was critical to add it to our arsenal,” said Darwin Martinez, NBG’s Vice President of Technology Services.” Of all the SEM software on the market, we felt that GuardedNet’s approach to this critical business need offers the most comprehensive and intuitive solution.”

neuSECURE provides NBG customers with a centralized software platform for logging, event correlation, threat analysis, threat response and forensic investigation of the enormous quantities of security event data in heterogeneous enterprise and service provider networks. It correlates log data files from disparate machines such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, computer systems and routers and automatically analyzes this data to uncover legitimate threats to the enterprise. NeuSECURE allows security analysts to prioritize their investigations and focus on the mission critical task of responding to threats. With neuSECURE a security team can manage threats from early detection to final resolution without ever leaving the intuitive, web-based console.

“NBG ranks among the top 500 solution providers in North America according to VAR Business Magazine and is known for recommending and implementing effective information security solutions for its customers. We are thrilled that NBG immediately recognized the unique functionality and pressing need for neuSECURE within the security operations center (SOC),” said Robert Hughes, president and CEO of GuardedNet.

About National Business Group, Inc. (NBG)
NBG is a full-service network integration company specializing in security solutions, LAN/WAN infrastructure, and Citrix-based computing. Since 1987, the company has been integrating technologies for Fortune 500 companies and numerous industry leaders in construction, education, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and Federal, state and local government. Services include consulting, design, implementation, help desk support and training.

NBG believes strategic partnerships are the most effective approach to bridging the gap between technological demands and fiscal restraints. Our goal is to facilitate partnerships that assist clients in making complex, technical decisions – enabling them to operate more efficiently and allowing them to focus on core business objectives.

In addition to GuardedNet, NBG is an industry-leading partner and integrator for many network technology manufacturers, including Nokia, CheckPoint, Citrix, Alteon Web Systems/Nortel Networks, Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Internet Security Systems, RSA Security, Intel, Microsoft, Trend Micro, Compaq, Cisco Systems, Sitara Networks, NetScreen, AdTran, Neoware, Wyse, Symantec, F5 Networks, Packeteer, RadWare and Enterasys Networks.

The company’s headquarters, customer support center, and main training facility are located in Atlanta, GA. NBG maintains regional sales and consulting offices in Irvine, CA; Denver, CO; Charlotte, NC; Tampa, FL; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Rockville, MD (serving the Washington Metropolitan Area); Parsippany, NJ (serving the Metro New York Area); and Dallas and Houston, TX. For more information, contact sales@nbg.com or visit http://www.nbg.com/about/contact.asp.

About GuardedNetâ„?
GuardedNet, Inc. delivers the best in enterprise security management (ESM) software solutions. Its flagship product, neuSECURE, centrally monitors and performs threat analysis in multi-vendor enterprise security environments. Its ability to correlate and analyze log data files from disparate machines in real-time enables security administrators to overcome log data overload and detect and respond to security breaches as they are occurring, rather than after the damage is done. neuSECURE has improved the security and the operational efficiency of numerous corporate security operations centers (SOCs), including those at leading financial and data communications institutions. GuardedNet is a private company, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information about GuardedNet, please visit www.guarded.net or contact us at sales@guarded.net or (404) 591-8200.

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