Abtrusion Security Announced Abtrusion Protector

Abtrusion Security today announces Abtrusion Protector, an intrusion and virus protection software for the Windows NT series of operating systems.

Abtrusion Protector protects the computer by means of launch protection only software that has been safely installed is allowed to start. Whenever Windows tries to load an application or other type of executable file, Abtrusion Protector first verifies that the file is allowed to execute on the computer. If the file is not recognized, Abtrusion Protector prevents Windows from loading it.

“Abtrusion Protector works just as well against new viruses as against existing ones” says Torbj?¶rn Hovmark, president of Abtrusion Security. “While the typical anti-virus scanner is dependent on up-to-date databases of virus definitions to recognize trojans, viruses and other malicious software, Abtrusion Protector knows which applications are allowed to execute, and allows no other.”

Abtrusion Protector works alongside traditional security systems, such as firewalls and anti-virus scanners, providing a last line of defense against malicious software. Abtrusion Protector controls the execution of all types of executable files, including dynamic link libraries, device drivers, native executables, OCX controls and 16-bit applications. By intercepting calls to the Windows kernel, it also enforces launch protection regardless of how or by whom an application is started.

Abtrusion Protector maintains a database of the files that are installed on the computer it protects. Files are recognized by means of digital thumbprints. This prevents viruses from infecting existing software on the computer.

Abtrusion Protector is currently undergoing beta testing and will be commercially available in Q3, 2002.

About Abtrusion Security: Abtrusion Security AB is a privately held company, incorporated in Sweden and located in Avesta. The company focuses on hacker and virus protection software and services. For additional information, please visit the company web site at http://www.abtrusion.com or email info@abtrusion.com

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