Major U.S. bank deploying Datakey’s new Card Management System

MINNEAPOLIS, July 9, 2002 – Datakey Inc. (Nasdaq: DKEY;, a trusted developer of smart card solutions for securing enterprise-wide personal identification, today announced that a major U.S. bank is deploying its newly released Card Management System – Datakey CMS.

The bank has purchased 3,500 Datakey CMS user licenses and placed an initial order for 1,500 Datakey CIP kits, which include Datakey’s Model 330 cryptographic smart card, CIP client software and a smart card reader. The bank also placed an order for 1,500 iKey USB tokens. It is expected that this initial deployment will grow to 7,000 seats.
Datakey CMS, announced in late April, is a web-based smart card and digital credential management solution for enterprises – used to issue, manage and support Datakey cryptographic smart cards throughout the organization for identity-based applications. Datakey CMS gives enterprise customers a powerful, secure system that reduces the cost of deploying and supporting smart cards. Through innovative, policy-based enrollment features, Datakey CMS significantly reduces the time an enterprise must spend issuing and managing smart cards for geographically distributed users. Datakey CMS makes it easier to perform a wide range of critical digital credential management activities – everything from requesting or renewing a user’s digital credentials to revoking or re-issuing these credentials.

About Datakey Inc.
Datakey Inc. ( focuses on delivering reliable smart card-based solutions for securing enterprise-wide personal identification. Datakey smart card technology is trusted to:

– Safeguard a user’s digital identity.
– Authenticate and control user access to enterprise networks, applications and resources.
– Protect the integrity and privacy of data shared over corporate networks and the Internet.

Customers and partners alike rely on Datakey technology in a full range of enterprise applications, including password management, host authentication, Windows log-on, VPN access, web authorization, desktop security, corporate badge and building access, biometric integration, public key encryption, digital certificates and digital signatures.

Forward-Looking Statements
The expectation that the bank’s initial deployment will grow to 7,000 seats is a forward-looking statement subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected. In order for the deployment to grow to 7,000 seats, Datakey must continue to offer information security products as good or better from a technological perspective than those of competitors and at competitive prices.

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