Rainbow Ships NetSwift iGate Web Security Appliance for Instant Private Webs

First Integrated Security Solution for Secure Access to Web-enabled Applications Without Reconfiguring Backend Servers, Firewalls or Mission-Critical Applications

IRVINE, Calif., July 9, 2002 — Rainbow eSecurity, a Rainbow Technologies (Nasdaq: RNBO) company and a leading solutions provider for digital content and transaction security, today announced the first customer shipment of the new NetSwift iGate Web security appliance. Developed for mid-market companies and organizations, the NetSwift iGate creates an “instant private Web” that enables secure access to Web-enabled data and applications and can be set up in less than a day for organizations of a few hundred to a few thousand users.

The first customer is South Coast Computers, an IT integrator and consulting company based in Sante Fe Springs, Calif. South Coast Computers provides on-site IT consultants to businesses in manufacturing, business accounting and financial services, retail, government and non-profit organizational work, and the footwear and apparel industry. These on-site consultants spend considerably more time with the customer than they do in their offices, making up-to-date access of corporate computing resources difficult at best.

“The NetSwift iGate makes it possible for our on-site consultants to securely access updated corporate information from our Intranet without worrying about the how our client’s systems might interfere with their access to our network,” said Greg Davis, president, South Coast Computer. “The NetSwift iGate appliance dropped into our network, we distributed USB keys to all our employees and everyone had secure access to our corporate Intranet in a single day.”

“The response we’ve received from business prospects, industry partners and technology analysts to the NetSwift iGate Web security appliance has exceeded our expectations,” said David M. Lynch, vice president of marketing, Rainbow eSecurity. “We believe this product addresses a critical need that many organizations have today, and that it removes barriers to deployment that exist in competitive technology solutions. The NetSwift iGate works — it’s very secure, it installs quickly and its per-user price provides customers with exceptional ROI.”

Creating an Instant Private Web
The NetSwift iGate’s end-user authentication and SSL acceleration provides customers with a complete solution for building an instant private Web. The solution secures Web access from the client’s browser to a single Web server or to multiple backend servers. And unlike more traditional virtual private network (VPN) solutions, the NetSwift iGate Web security appliance requires no reconfiguration of network servers, Internet/Intranet firewalls or Web-enabled applications. It simply drops in between the server and firewall. End users can easily configure their USB authentication keys in seconds from drivers downloaded off the corporate Intranet and can be up and running in seconds. Installations of up to 1,000 users can be configured and operational in a single day, providing fine-grained access control to any Web-enabled application.

The NetSwift iGate solution uses Rainbow’s award-winning USB iKey on the client end for powerful, two-factor authentication of users for access to business-critical Web-enabled applications. The iKey effectively eliminates the inherent weakness in user-name/password security that typically takes up the majority of any organization’s help desk services.

On the server side, Rainbow’s award-winning NetSwift acceleration and security appliance provides complete encryption of all network traffic between itself and the browser using industry-standard SSL security built into the browser. While this completely secures the Web site content, it also eliminates many of the costs associated with the installation and management of VPN client software. The central management and SSL acceleration of NetSwift iGate reduces the cost and complexity of manually installing SSL on Web servers and significantly lowers the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to purchase SSL certificates for each physical Web server.

The NetSwift iGate appliance can be configured via serial connection, SSH connection or even a Web-based GUI. Managing users and the access control list is done remotely using Rainbow’s Java-based Access Control Manager application that allows customers to import existing users and groups from Windows Domain Controllers.

Pricing and Availability

The NetSwift iGate Web security appliance is available immediately from Rainbow and its worldwide sales channels. Starter kits consisting of the appliance, 50 user licenses and access control management software start at less than $10,000. Call for pricing information in North America at 1-800-852-8569. International pricing is available by calling 1-949-450-7300. For more information on becoming a NetSwift iGate reseller of for details on Rainbow’s entire family of secure network performance products, send email to info@rainbow.com, or visit our Web site at www.rainbow.com.

About Rainbow Technologies
Founded in 1984, Rainbow Technologies is a leading provider of proven information security solutions for mission-critical data and applications used in business, organization and government computing environments. With headquarters in Irvine, Calif., Rainbow maintains offices and authorized distributors throughout the world. For more information, visit the Web site at www.rainbow.com.


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