New Panda PerimeterScan Qmail Edition Released

Panda Software antivirus solutions for Linux platforms

Panda Software, leading antivirus software developer, has released the new beta version of Panda PerimeterScan Qmail Edition, which is now freely available to all users. The final release version of the product will include a series of innovative additions to the version currently included in Panda PerimeterScan, the company’s integrated solution for corporate perimeter defense.

Qmail is one of the most widely-used SMTP mail platforms for Linux, making it an important potential entry point for dangerous viruses. For this reason, Panda PerimeterScan Qmail Edition is designed to protect all SMTP mail in Qmail servers, both when acting as an Internet gateway and as a mail server.

Panda PerimeterScan Qmail Edition scans all Qmail traffic, both internal and external, to maintain a proactive defense against all types of malicious code.

In addition, Panda PerimeterScan Qmail Edition can be managed, both locally and remotely, through a single web-based admin console. This permits instant access to information on virus incidents and gives administrators simple and complete control over configuration changes and other operations.

The new Panda Software solution requires Qmail version 1.03 or later, and is completely compatible with Linux RedHat 6.2, 7.0 and 7.2, SuSe 7.3 and Best Linux 2000.

To make the process as simple as possible, Linux users can download Panda PerimeterScan Qmail Edition in “tar.gz” format from In addition, Panda PerimeterScan license holders will be entitled to free licenses for the final release version of Panda PerimeterScan Qmail Edition.

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