Panda Antivirus for Novell Netware 6 Beta Released

Panda Antivirus for Novell Netware 6 seamlessly integrates the most sophisticated antivirus technology with the latest version of Novell’s networking tool. The solution is built around a series of innovative features and technological characteristics:

– Detection and elimination of all viruses including boot, polymorphic and macro viruses, worms and malicious scripts.

– Daily automatic updates of the virus signature file. These updates are carried out incrementally, adding just the antidotes to viruses that have appeared since the previous update, saving time and bandwidth consumption.

– Centralized remote management through the advanced network management tool, Panda Administrator. To help implement an integrated, enterprise-wide security policy, Panda Antivirus for Novell Netware 6 can be installed, configured, updated and monitored simultaneously in multiple servers, both in LANs and WANs.

– On-demand and scheduled scans allow administrators to scan, at any time, any servers across the network. Scans can also be scheduled to take place at a given time in the future or at regular intervals.

– Customizable warnings ensure that network administrators are immediately warned, through either Novell network messages or SMTP mail, when a virus tries to enter the system.

The final release version of Panda Antivirus for Novell Netware 6 is soon to be included in the latest Panda Software solution for integrated network protection: Panda Antivirus Enterprise Suite.

Source: Panda Software Press Release )

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