BitDefender Adds a Privacy Control Module to BitDefender Professional

Bucharest, Romania – July 21, 2002 – Following several international organizations’ warnings against the frequent invasions of privacy, BitDefender, a leading provider of data security solutions and services, announces the addition of a Privacy Control module to its flagship antivirus product, BitDefender Professional.

Already recognized for its technology and quick reaction to virus outbreaks, BitDefender Professional combines the best of breed antivirus technologies with the new requirements of Privacy Control and Internet application monitoring.

“With all these spying cookies, transforming our life into a TV show, our freedom of choice has been dramatically degraded”, Radu Mihai, Communication Manager at BitDefender said. “It seems that computer viruses are no longer enough to make our life miserable; now we have to concentrate on keeping our personal information for ourselves and to protect our data not only from malicious, destructive codes, but also from thieves. BitDefender Professional tries to lend a hand for those who don’t like being kept under constant observation while browsing the web, while still conserving their data safety” concluded Radu.

Here are just a few benefits of this solution, featuring – besides its antivirus attributes – a real Application Firewall:

Close the gap: Filters all possible virus access ways
Stay cool: Blocks any virus, Trojan, Internet worm and other malicious code
Discover: Alerts you about security weaknesses in your system
Freeze: Blocks given web addresses (URLs), ports and IP’s
Wake-up: Warns you about any application trying to access the Internet
Top Secret: Keeps your identity and preferences private when you navigate the Net
Have a safe chat: Protects you against viruses while using ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, NetMeeting, MSN Messenger
Coolest technology: Uses powerful, ICSA Labs certified, antivirus scanning engines
Keep posted: Performs DAILY intelligent, automatic updates and product upgrades
Keep it going for free: One-year free virus definitions updates and product upgrades
Kick them out: Moves all suspected and infected files into a quarantine zone
Think about it: Creates detailed scan reports
Hassle-free: Easy to install and to use
Talk to people: Ensures free 24/24 hours human technical support

For more information about BitDefender Professional, please see or, even more detailed, at

Because the summer has begun in such a “hot” manner, BitDefender launched a “hot offer” campaign, reducing all products’ prices with 25% (see details HERE).

BitDefender Professional starts now from $ 33.71, including an entire year of free services and updates, and a free 30-day trial version may be downloaded from BitDefender web site.

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