Panda Software’s Perimeterscan Released

Panda Software, international antivirus software developer, has released the beta version of Panda PerimeterScan ISA Server Edition. ISA Server is one of the most widely-used applications for controlling access to Internet services and for protecting networks against attack. For this reason, Panda Software has designed a high performance anti-virus solution specifically designed for these servers.

Panda PerimeterScan ISA Server Edition provides a Web filter (ISAPI filter) and two application filters which scan all the traffic that passes through the MS ISA server. This protection effectively completes that implemented by the Firewall and Proxy modules incorporated in MS ISA servers.

Panda PerimeterScan ISA Server Edition scans all file transferred through HTTP (Applets, ActiveX Controls and Scripts) and SMTP (mail messages). It scans all file types, even compressed files and encrypted files, such as MIME, ZIP, UUENCODE and ARJ. Similarly, it scans files with embedded OLE objects, such as Microsoft Word documents that contain embedded objects.

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