InfoExpress Selected by eLoyalty to Secure Remote Access Networks

Pioneer in enterprise security provides safe VPN connectivity to management consulting and systems integration leader

Mountain View, CA – July 29, 2002 – In the latest of a series of enterprise license agreements, remote access security pioneer InfoExpress today announced that leading customer relationship management (CRM) provider eLoyalty has deployed its VTCP/Secure remote VPN software to its worldwide employee base.

The VPN software enables eLoyalty’s consultants who work from customer’s networks to tunnel to their corporate network. It transparently traverses the customer’s corporate firewall and connects to the VPN server. The VPN client software is customizable and can connect over dial-up, broadband, SSL, Socks, and other protocols. The complete installer package is less than 1 Mb.

Stacey Lum, president and CEO of InfoExpress, said, “We’re very pleased to be working with eLoyalty in securing their VPN user community.” He also noted that, “Given their high proportion of remote users, our VPN fits well with their demanding connectivity and security requirements.”

Jeff Geltz, VP & CIO of eLoyalty Corporation, said, “Functionality was the primary driver in selecting InfoExpress’ VTCP software. Over 90 percent of our user base operates from remote locations, and needs an easy-to-use and effective VPN solution. With VTCP, we discovered that the software allows our remote users to not only maintain secure communications, but to connect and transfer files faster than they used to in the past.”

VTCP consists of a remote access VPN client (VSClient) and a VPN gateway (VSGate). VSClient installs on the user’s remote PC. The client intercepts traffic destined for the corporate network, encrypts it, and forwards it to the VPN gateway.

VSGate decrypts data received from VSClient and passes it to systems on the corporate network. VSGate also encrypts return traffic destined for VSClient. In most cases, VSGate sits behind a corporate firewall that has been configured to allow clients to establish a TCP tunnel to VSGate on the port required for VPN traffic.

VTCP/Secure allows clients to:

– Save money through using low cost POPs from ISPs and private VPNs to provide access instead of dedicated modem pools on company premises.

– Enhance security by ensuring all data is authenticated, encrypted, and authorized.

– Expand access by providing interfaces to third party authentication servers and management tools provide support for sites with tens of thousands of users, and

– Reduce support through easy installation for end users, with most configuration options set from the central site and automatically downloaded to the remote users on login.

About InfoExpress
InfoExpress is a leader in securing the last mile. InfoExpress develops and markets the enterprise personal firewall CyberArmor(TM) Suite, the remote system policy enforcer CyberGatekeeper Suite, and the remote access VPN VTCP/Secure. Recent news releases and other information are on InfoExpress’ homepage at InfoExpress is headquartered at 170 S. Whisman Road, Suite B, Mountain View, CA 94041. Phone: +1 650-623-0260; Fax: +1 650-623-0268; Email:

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