Snort and Secuplat are the First NIDS to Receive De-Facto Industry Certification

HERNDON, Va–July 29, 2002–ICSA Labs®, an independent division of TruSecure® Corporation, has completed phase one of the industry’s first continuous certification testing for Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS). The ICSA Labs NIDS Certification program is an independent and comprehensive process that rigorously tests, assesses, and validates the security of NIDS in four different network environments.

Snort v. 1.8.6, whose certification was sponsored by Sourcefire, and INZEN’s Secuplat are the first products to receive ICSA Labs T1 NIDS Certification.

“ICSA Labs, working with product vendors and corporate users, have developed criteria that measure performance in the environments in which NIDS are typically deployed,” said Scott Markle, IDS program manager of ICSA Labs. “This Certification, like all ICSA Labs certifications, helps end users make informed security product buying decisions for their organizations.”

To achieve certification, the NIDS is tested in the areas of Exploit Identification and False Positive rate. The NIDS is required to identify 100% of the exploits launched within the network. The False Positive test measures unique alerts during a 24-hour period of traffic at a rate of 10M. The current T1 NIDS test is completed on a 100% live traffic network. Additional certification will be awarded at 45M (T3) later in the third quarter. The certification of NIDS in the Enterprise and Enterprise Gb phases will be awarded later this year. Complete criteria may be found at:

“The ICSA Labs Certification of Snort is a great achievement for the open source community,” said Marty Roesch, CTO of Sourcefire, Inc. and author of Snort. “ICSA Certification is a highly recognized industry standard, and Snort’s certification highlights my commitment to providing software to keep pace with evolving network technology to stay one step ahead of ever-expanding threats.”

“INZEN views the rigorous examination that the ICSA Certification requires as proof that our Secuplat NIDS technology is world-class,” said Byeong Dong Lim, CEO of INZEN. “The ICSA Certification, with its evidence of reliability, will enable us to advance into overseas markets more extensively.”

About ICSA Labs
ICSA Labs, established in 1989, works to build consortia of leading security vendors to set baseline level criteria for product testing and certification. As the industry leader, ICSA Labs sets the standard by performing extensive research as well as tracking and measuring risks. Hundreds of the world’s top security vendors submit their products for testing and certification at ICSA Labs. The end-users of security technologies rely on ICSA Labs to authoritatively set and apply objective testing and certification criteria for measuring product compliance and reliability. The organization tests 95% of products in key technology categories such as anti-virus, cryptography, IPSec, VPN, firewall, PC firewall, intrusion detection and content security.

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