BioconX and Veridicom Partner to Deliver Integrated Solutions that Use Fingerprint Authentication to Safeguard Computer Security

MINNEAPOLIS and SUNNYVALE, Calif. – July 30, 2002 – BioconX, Inc., developer of advanced network security software, and Veridicom, Inc., recognized leader in silicon fingerprint sensors and software, announce their partnership agreement. Under the agreement, BioconX and Veridicom will deliver integrated security solutions that authenticate the identity of computer users and verify their authorization. BioconX has developed an interface to enable its software to support Veridicom’s fingerprint sensors, and the companies will now market each other’s products as combined solutions for network, workstation and application security.

“BioconX partners with leading biometric technology developers and device manufacturers. This gives customers the flexibility to implement our security software with the authentication methodologies and hardware that work best in their IT environments and meet their specific requirements,” says Vincent C. Hren, president and chief executive officer, BioconX. “By partnering with Veridicom, we can respond to the market’s demand for their fingerprint sensors, which are well-known for their accuracy and reliability.”

“Leveraging partners’ technologies gives us the advantage of providing a more complete solution that enhances security with added convenience,” says Naeem Zafar, president and chief executive officer, Veridicom. “With BioconX software and our fingerprint peripherals, we can deliver solutions that protect entire networks or individual workstations. And, with BioconX, customers can deploy authenticated access control to secure all applications without having to modify any application source code.”

BioconX software supports Veridicom’s 5th Sense series of computer peripherals that utilize Veridicom’s FPS110 and FPS200 Silicon Fingerprint Sensors. With its clear 500 DPI image, small size, and low power consumption, 5th Sense is a market-proven, general-purpose fingerprint reader that uses semiconductor technology to advance biometric authentication beyond previous generation optical scanners. Building upon the proven quality and reliability of the FPS110, the FPS200 offers ultra-thin dimensions and unique energy saving features that make it ideal for integration in portable computers, PDAs and mobile phones.

BioconX software applies biometrics, the technology of authenticating individual identity from unique personal characteristics, to replace passwords and PINs and thereby safeguard computer system security. BioconX supports enterprise single sign-on to fortify the security of entire networks. In response to customers who want to deploy a streamlined version of its advanced technology to secure individual workstations, BioconX will release workstation sign-on in the fourth quarter of 2002.

About Veridicom
Veridicom, Inc. provides leading digital recognition solutions for personal authentication through biometric fingerprints. Veridicom, with technology from Lucent/Bell Labs, is an early innovator of secure biometric systems that go beyond the security of passwords and PINs. Veridicom products allow people to conduct business with significantly reduced risk of fraud by using any digital device equipped with its sophisticated fingerprint sensors. Currently used in keyboards, laptops and mobile phones, Veridicom’s sensors also provide solutions to control access to remote computer networks and high-security facilities for a growing list of Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. Additional information is available at

About BioconX, Inc.
BioconX, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn., develops network security software that applies biometrics to replace passwords and fortify computer system security. The software authenticates the identity of users by comparing their finger scan or the iris of their eye against all stored biometric templates. It then instantly enables users to immediately access any network, workstation or application for which they have authorization with one single, simple, and secure biometric sign-on. For more information about BioconX, please visit

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