Hacking the Invisible Network: Insecurities in 802.11x

Wireless local-area networks (WLANs) are becoming increasingly popular but, at the same time, they have introduced new security issues. The convenience of WLANs introduces security concerns that do not exist in a wired world. Connecting to a network no longer requires an Ethernet cable. Instead, data packets are airborne and available to anyone with the ability to intercept and decode them, while doing so requires minimal cost or expertise thanks to the multitude of freeware tools that are available. WLANs introduce security risks that must be understood and mitigated. iDEFENSE has produced a paper that addresses the vulnerabilities inherent in 802.11x networks, how to determine if a WLAN is vulnerable using freeware tools and, most importantly, how to best secure them.

Download the paper in PDF format here.

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