Georgia State University Selects Network-1’s Firewall Product To Secure Windows NT and Windows 2000 Campus Systems

CyberwallPLUS Protects Faculty, Staff and Students from Hacker Attacks and Intrusions

WALTHAM, Mass., Aug 14, 2002 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ — Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: NSSI; Boston Stock Exchange: NWT), a distributed firewall technology leader, today announced that Georgia State University, one of the country’s leading urban research universities, has selected Network-1’s CyberwallPLUS firewall product as a key component to secure their widely distributed, collaborative environment from known and unknown attacks. Georgia State is comprised of over 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students in six schools and colleges.

Georgia State University will run CyberwallPLUS on Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers to protect over 10,000 network devices used by faculty, staff and students throughout the university. Unlike other solutions, CyberwallPLUS is a proactive solution that can actively detect and stop intrusions from ‘trusted’ and ‘un-trusted’ users preventing attacks before damage occurs. Network-1’s firewall products are also currently being used to protect systems within the university’s Robinson College of Business.

“It’s critical that we secure vulnerable systems and reduce our risk of exposure, which is difficult in our open- university network,” said Sam White, Software Systems Engineer Manager at Georgia State University. “Equally difficult is managing our security policies across all servers and end point systems. With CyberwallPLUS we’ll be able to protect our widely distributed critical systems with an easy-to-use industrial strength, firewall product, as well as easily and centrally manage policies and events with a single console.”

Network-1’s CyberwallPLUS family of security software products protect all access points to the university network, while providing security administrators with powerful management features and greater control to enforce security policies. CyberwallPLUS surpasses personal firewalls by integrating multi-layered, proven, industrial-strength firewall and intrusion prevention functionality into one product for Windows-based systems. By combining a packet filtering firewall, full stateful inspection, and an integrated intrusion prevention engine, Network-1 provides multiple levels of defense to detect and prevent hacker attacks.

Unlike intrusion detection systems, CyberwallPLUS inspects network communications and actively detects and blocks attacks in real-time. The product blocks attacks that attempt to take advantage of operating system vulnerabilities, such as port scans looking for open services, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and URL attacks that try to run executable files on open, unprotected machines. And if a student or faculty’s machine inadvertently executed malicious code such as a Trojan, CyberwallPLUS also filters all outgoing traffic to protect a laptop from being used as a launch pad for attacks on other computers. These features significantly reduce down time associated with malicious attacks and the time and expense associated with recovery efforts.

“We are pleased that Georgia State University selected CyberwallPLUS to safeguard their campus network systems from intrusions,” said Michael Clarkin, Director of Product Marketing. “Georgia State University joins our roster of higher education clients who are taking proactive steps to protect sensitive data, research, and financial application data in their boundless university network.”

Network-1’s firewall products are being used in leading colleges and universities across the globe including University of Kentucky, Vanderbilt University, University of Arizona, University of California – Santa Barbara, University of California – San Diego, University of Washington, Emory University, Florida State University, Louisiana State University, National University of Singapore, Michigan State University, and University of Colorado.

About Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc.

Network-1 (Nasdaq: NSSI), a pioneer in firewall technology, provides an enterprise-class layer of protection directly on all potential attack points, including Windows-based servers, remote and mobile PCs, desktops within the network perimeter, and wireless devices, to actively detect and block intrusions. Network-1 has deployed its industrial-strength, award-winning CyberwallPLUS solution at over 500 commercial, government and higher education enterprises, including Capital One, Fuji Bank, Lockheed Martin, 3M, US Department of Energy, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, National Institute of Health, University of Washington Medical Centers, and Georgia State University, to protect corporate networks from intrusions. Founded in 1990, Network-1 is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts and has operations in Asia and Europe. For more information visit our Web site at or call 800-NETWRK1 or 781-522-3400.

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