Highlights of Utimaco Safeware for the ISSE 2002 (October 2-4, 2002, Paris)

SecurE-Mail Gateway

Secure electronic Post Office for Organizations and Authorities

The SecurE-Mail Gateway is a new technology platform for e-mail security. As “centrale post office”, the SecureE-Mail Gateway offers confidentiality and integrity for the entire internal and external e-mail communication of an organization. As an extention to the mail servers which are already used, this approach enables a compfortable implementation of company-wide and company-spreading concepts for e-mail security. The SecurE-Mail- Gateway encrypts and signs mails which are to be sent and is able to decrypt and verify incoming e-mails. In contast to end-to-end solutions which require a complex key managment, the number of the required certificates is clearly reduced and the interoperability with external systems is guaranteed.

SafeGuard® PDA

First security product with Microsoft certificate “Designed for Windows for Pocket PC” logo for secure user authentication and encryption on PDAs

SafeGuard® PDA protects the access on the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) from unauthorized persons by user authentication and encryption. Besides traditional password procedures, symbol logon and an innovative, biometric handwriting recognition are also available for authentication. The encryption module guarantees the secured filing of data on the mobile end device as well as the secured exchange of information via e-mail or internet.

SafeGuard® PrivateDisk

The “electronic safe” for confidential data on Notebooks, network computers and portable media

On almost every processor there are sensitive data which have to be protected from unauthorized access and reading. SafeGuard® PrivateDisk creates a virtual disk where users can actively protect sensitive data. This way, all contents as well as the file information, e.g. the author or file name, are automatically and unnoticeable for the user protected by encryption. Only users who know the correct password or possess a valid certificate can access the content of the safe and can read the protected files

Utimaco Safeware AG is an IT security provider specialized on professional solutions and technologies for workplace and transaction security. The security technologies and solutions developed by Utimaco Safeware protect electronic values of organizations and authorities from unauthorized access and guarantee that business processes and administration procedures in the electronic world are binding and confidential.

The business unit Transaction Security is specialized in the development of professional solutions for secure e-business, e-government and e- payment. The core business of TS are customized IT security solutions on the basis of own technologies (Firewall, Hardware Security Modules, Security Gateways, PKI und PKI-enabled Applications PKA).

The comprehensive solution portfolio of the business unit Personal Device Security protects stored information locally and during mobile use from theft and unauthorized access on PCs, notebooks and PDAs. Technologically, this is achieved by a strong (among other things, biometric and Smartcard) authentication and highly secure encryption of data media, files and directories.

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