New Release: MailScanner 3.23-4 for Linux

MailScanner is a virus scanner for e-mail designed for use on e-mail gateways. It can also detect a large proportion of unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam) passing through it.

Not only can it scan for known viruses, but it can also protect against unknown viruses hidden inside e-mail attachments by refusing entry to attachments whose filenames match any given pattern. This can include generic patterns that trap filenames attempting to hide the true filename extension (e.g. “.txt.vbs”).

Attachments containing viruses that can be disinfected are automatically disinfected and sent on to their original destination. It is superior to many commercial packages in its ability to handle Denial Of Service attacks caused by messages containing files such as the “Zip of Death”.

It is easy to install into an existing e-mail gateway, requiring very little knowledge of sendmail and no change to an existing sendmail configuration.

Download link: (RPM format, 1.08 MB):

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