Panda Software Warns on New Worm Opaserv

– It capacity to spread through networks makes this malicious code particularly dangerous in corporate environmentsy

– The European multinational has made its PQREMOVE application, which can eliminate Opaserv from affected computers, available to all users free of charge.

MADRID, October 1, 2002

Panda Software’s technical support services have started receiving reports of incidents involving the new worm Opaserv (W32/Opaserv). This malicious code has a large capacity to spread through networks, making it particularly dangerous in corporate environments. For this reason Panda Software has made the PQREMOVE application available to all users, free of charge. This tool effectively detects and eliminates this new virus from affected computers.

Since it appeared just a few hours ago, Opaserv has occupied fourth place in the ranking of the most frequently detected viruses by the free online scanner Panda ActiveScan.

Opaserv spreads across networks and copies itself to the system as ScrSvr.exe, going memory resident. The worm also inserts an entry in the Windows Registry in order to ensure it is run every time the computer is started up.

Furthermore, Opaserv tries to connect to an Internet address,, possibly in order to download applications and run them on infected computers. However, the address above is currently unavailable.

In order to avoid infection, Panda Software recommends that users update their antivirus solutions immediately. The multinational antivirus developer has already made the corresponding update for its antivirus available to users. This update, which detects and removes W32/Opaserv, can be downloaded from

. More technical details about W32/Opaserv at:
. From the same address, you can also download the free PQREMOVE application that eliminates Opaserv from affected computers.

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