Complete Suite of WLAN Security Solutions Launched

Network Utilities Announces Complete Suite of WLAN Security Solutions

Network Utilities today announced Odyssey Server v1.1 and Steel-Belted Radius v4.0, new versions of their RADIUS servers that add WLAN security, management, and integration features to fully meet enterprise-level security and management requirements, and together form a complete suite of WLAN security products suitable for organizations of all sizes.

Both Odyssey and Steel-Belted Radius are based on the IEEE security standard 802.1x, and support strong WLAN security protocols that provide data privacy and unsurpassed credential security over the wireless link, plus strong mutual authentication of client and server. Both products seamlessly integrate into a network and permit secure authentication of WLAN users against an existing authentication scheme, such as Windows or a token system.

Each solution is appropriate for a particular type of enterprise.

Odyssey v1.1 provides strong WLAN security for smaller organizations or autonomous networks in larger companies where network access is governed by Windows user names and passwords.

Steel-Belted Radius v4.0 is appropriate for larger organizations which need to authenticate WLAN users against non-Windows authentication schemes and/or wish to integrate remote access and WLAN user management and security.

In addition, Odyssey Server can communicate with Steel-Belted Radius to authenticate WLAN users in branch offices or distributed departments against a central security infrastructure.

“Both Odyssey and Steel-Belted Radius fully meet enterprise WLAN security requirements, and, because they interoperate and are based on the highly scalable and industry-standard 802.1x architecture, they easily accommodate growing or evolving networks,” said Michele Lewington, Managing Director of Network Utilities.

Network Utilities is the exclusive UK supplier of these products, which were developed by Funk Software of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Network Utilities has supported the Funk range of software in the UK for the past ten years.

Both Odyssey Server and Steel-Belted Radius offer enterprises:

. Strong WLAN security, based on the WLAN security protocols EAP-TTLS and EAP-­TLS, which fully protect credentials over the wireless link, to prevent cryptographic attack on password; distribute per-session 128-bit encryption keys, and re-key at specified intervals, to provide data privacy; and support strong mutual authentication of client and server, to prevent unauthorized access and connection spoofing.

. Easy management with EAP-TTLS, allowing seamless integration of WLAN user management and security into an enterprise’s existing authentication scheme – including Windows, token systems, and SQL/LDAP – and access infrastructure.

. Scalability – Both solutions are based on the IEEE security standard 802.1x, a scalable architecture which easily and cost-effectively accommodates network growth.

. Standards-based, interoperable architecture – Both Odyssey Server and Steel-Belted Radius support the IEEE WLAN security standard 802.1x, Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP), and EAP authentication protocols EAP-TTLS, EAP-TLS, and Cisco’s EAP-LEAP.

. Unparalleled multi-vendor support – Both Odyssey Server and Steel-Belted Radius support any 802.lx-compatible WLAN access point, including those from Agere, Avaya, Cisco, Enterasys, Intermec, Proxim, and Symbol.

For full security, the use of 802.lx client software that supports EAP-TTLS and/or EAP-TLS, such as Funk Software’s Odyssey Client, is required.

New Features in Odyssey Server v1.1

Odyssey Server v1.1 adds the ability to forward authentication requests to Steel-Belted Radius (or any other RADIUS server) to authenticate WLAN users against a non-Windows authentication database, such as one based on SQL/LDAP, or a token authentication system such as RSA Security’s ACE/Server.

New Features in Steel-Belted Radius v4.0

Steel-Belted Radius v4.0 adds support for EAP-TTLS, the innovative security protocol, which securely authenticates WLAN users against existing authentication, databases, and distributes per-session 128-bit encryption keys to ensure data privacy. Steel-Belted Radius v4.0 also adds support for EAP-TLS, a certificate-based WLAN security protocol in use by enterprises that have deployed a PKI infrastructure.

Full Suite of WLAN Security Products

With the new versions, Network Utilities’ full suite of WLAN security products includes:

. Odyssey Server, targeted at small organizations or autonomous networks in larger organizations, is a RADIUS server specially designed to handle WLAN access control and security in Windows environments. It runs on Windows XP/2000, and supports the WLAN security protocols EAP-TTLS, EAP-TLS, and LEAP.

. Steel-Belted Radius/Enterprise Edition, targeted at organizations managing non-Windows authentication schemes and/or remote access users, is Funk Software’s market-leading RADIUS server, which centralises the authentication, authorization, and accounting of remote access and WLAN users. It runs on Windows XP/2000/NT and Solaris, and supports the WLAN security protocols EAP-TTLS, EAP-TLS, LEAP, and MD-5.

. Steel-Belted Radius/Global Enterprise Edition, targeted at organizations managing non-Windows authentication schemes and/or remote access users on networks located at multiple sites where sophisticated distribution of authentication requests and accounting messages is required, contains equivalent WLAN security functionality as Steel-Belted Radius/Enterprise Edition, and supports advanced reliability, proxy RADIUS, and accounting capabilities, and integrates easily into an SNMP-based management system. It runs on Windows XP/2000/NT and Solaris, and supports the WLAN security protocols EAP-TTLS, EAP-TLS, LEAP, and MD-5.

. Odyssey Client, a universal 802.1x client that lets users establish a secure connection from their wireless PC to the enterprise network. Odyssey Client runs on Windows XP/2000/98/ME and supports the WLAN security protocols EAP-TTLS, EAP-TLS, and EAP-MD5. With its support for a wide variety of 802.1x-compliant WLAN adapter cards and its numerous auto-configuration tools, it allows IT managers to streamline large-scale deployments of WLAN access and mandate enterprise-level security.

About Network Utilities

Network Utilities is a privately owned company, which was formed in 1989 as a Software House to primarily focus on the development of network communications tools. This subsequently provided a sound basis for strategic alliances with developers of similar products requiring a UK presence and resulted in Network Utilities forging partnership arrangements with several international software manufacturers. Since 1992 Network Utilities has been committed to providing and supporting a ‘best of breed’ range of products for the management and security of the enterprise network. Its extended portfolio now also addresses Internet security and solutions for the service provider. Network Utilities (Systems) Ltd is headquartered at Liberty House, 158a Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 6HE, UK, Tel: +44 (0)20 8390 9911. For more information about the company, please visit the Network Utilities web site at

About Funk Software

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Funk Software develops Odyssey an end-to-end 802.1 x WLAN security solution that can be easily and widely deployed on enterprise networks. It is also the leading provider of commercial AAA solutions for wireless operator, service provider, and enterprise networks. In use on thousands of public and private networks worldwide, the Steel-Belted Radius family of products delivers a AAA solution on the scale required by the largest carriers and service providers. And scales easily to meet the centralized authentication needs of the enterprise. The Steel-Belted Radius family of RADIUS/AAA solutions includes Steel-Belted Radius/Service Provider Edition, Steel-Belted Radius Concurrency Server, Steel-Belted Radius Port Allocation System, Steel-Belted Radius Mobile lB Module, and Steel-Belted Radius/Enterprise Edition.

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