RSA Conference 2002 Paris – Tutorial day

Monday, 7 October 2002 – Today is the first day of the RSA Conference here at Le Palais des Congrès in Paris.

This first day is dedicated to the tutorials. They are as follows:

  • Securing the Windows Platform by Steven Adler – This tutorial will provide attendees with a basic overview of how to architect their Windows platforms to improve their security and better withstand attempts to gain unauthroised access.
  • e-Security 101: Security Fundamentals by Alexandre Stervinou – This session will give participants an understanding of important cryptography principles and public key cryptography standards upon which e-security is built.
  • PKI Primer by Dominic Storey – For IT professionals with no previous knowledge of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), this session provides a high level description of a PKI’s essential components, how PKIs function, and how PKIs can effectively co-exist and interoperate.
  • Embedded Security: Making Security Fit by Ingo Schubert – Mobile phones, modems, chips and smartcards – public key cryptography is being used to provide authentication features on smaller devices. What performance factors and implementation issues affect embedded systems development?
  • Web Access Management Basics by Kevin Turner – This session provides a high level description of Web based access control concepts and methodologies such as rule and role-based, course, fine-grained and transactional authorisation.
  • Wireless Security Basics by Mike Vergara – This session is designed to provide a basic understanding of the issues in wireless deployment and development.
  • Electronic Signature Standards and Technologies by Sarah Kent – Electronic signatures promise to usher in a new age e-business by helping to accelerate computer transactions to eliminate paperwork.
  • Security in the XML Environment by Blake Dournaee – This session is designed to provide an introduction to security in the XML environment, including digital signatures, encryption, and trust services.
  • Smartcard Technology and Usage by Kevin Bocek – This session provides IT professionals with a detailed understanding of what they are and what they can do for your organisation.

The exhibition area is still to be opened, works are underway. For more information on the conference visit the following links:

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