Scope on Attix5 secure backuping software

Attix5, UK based secure backup expert, recently announced the availability of Backup Professional Server Edition, a secure online backup system for corporations that need secure and reliable backup services. In a detailed and informative interview, Roy Davies, Director of Corporate Affairs, outlined some of the functions of the newly available product and plans for further development. More details on this will be avaialable as soon we come back from the RSA Conference in Paris.

As from the security perspective, Mr. Davis noted Attix5 became RSA Security’s partner. The agreement includes product development, global marketing and distribution arrangements and, the most interesting, the inclusion of RSA BSAFE products within Attix5 technology. With the usage of RSA Security technology Attix5 provides an extra security layer for the users of its Backup Professional software. The newly released version, Backup Professional v2.4, now ships as RSA Keon Ready. The latest release, includes the option of this additional plug-in, following the accreditation by RSA Security of the public key infrastructure (PKI) enabled solution.

Backup Professional makes use of the SSL protocol standard for secure data transmission (1024 bit RSA key exchange, 128 bit RC5 stream cipher and SHA-1 integrity checking). Data is stored using 448-bit Blowfish encryption in CBC mode. Encryption keys are not stored with the data and globally recognized techniques are applied to ensure the integrity and security of all data protected with Backup Professional.

Some of the most technical functions of Backup Professional are:

  • Intelligent file selection and exclusion facilitates rapid, transparent backups over low-speed and dial-up connections.
  • Byte-level patch incremental backups minimise data transfer by identifying only the changed bytes in modified files. This process is more efficient than block level comparisons and is not file type dependent.
  • All data is compressed in transit and storage, further minimising transfer times, network loads and storage requirements.
  • Data can be recovered from any previously backed up state allowing file and system rollbacks.
  • Network detection initiates policy-based transparent backups, ensuring full user compliance.
  • Single remote Backup Server Console allows management of multiple Backup Professional servers.
  • Remote WebAccess and WapAccess for anywhere, anytime recovery.
  • Remote server testing tools allow administrators to troubleshoot network errors.
  • Client is 100% JAVA for OS independence.
  • File storage can be local, remote or both.

As the new version of Backup Professional was presented here at the RSA Conference in Paris, Mr. Davies gladly presented us with the the screenshots of the software (clicking on the images opens a screenshot of a whole Backup Professional window with the highlight pictured below).

Picture 1.1 – Showing selected files

Picture 1.2 – Showing backup in process

Picture 1.3 – Showing the log and total backup size

Picture 1.4 – Showing restoring backup function

Picture 1.5 – Showing filter selection of “My documents” map

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