Opaserv Worm Removal Tool

BitDefender just informed us of a new tool that is designed for finding and removing Opaserv/Opasoft worm. It can be downloaded by clicking this URL:

Opaserv information provided by Kaspersky Labs:

The Opasoft network worm virus has a backdoor trojan routine. It installs itself to the Windows directory under the “scrsvr.exe” name and registers this file in the auto-run registry key:

HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun ScrSvr = %trojan name%

The worm then looks for network shares and tries to copy itself into it. To run itself on an infected machine the worm creates a new “run” key in the system registry auto-run key, and modifies the WIN.INI file (depending on Win9x/NT machine).

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