Corsa Network Technologies Selects Arcsight as its Preferred Security Management Solution

Security-Savvy Reseller to Offer Enterprise Customers Improved Security Management

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – October 7, 2002 – ArcSight, a leading provider of enterprise security management software solutions, today announced that Corsa Network Technologies, a leading security-focused reseller and integrator of security solutions for large organizations, has selected ArcSight 2.0 as its flagship security management offering. Corsa selected ArcSight 2.0 to provide an “umbrella” of management capabilities across the spectrum of security products that it supports, based upon ArcSight’s ability to seamlessly integrate and optimize a wide variety of disparate security devices. ArcSight centrally manages security products such as firewalls, host and network-based intrusion detection systems, anti-virus, packet sniffers, single sign on and encryption systems.

“Customers are drowning in security data overload, false positives and inefficient investigation and reporting, and find it difficult to add more point security products without the kind of comprehensive and scalable security management solution that ArcSight provides,” said Aubrey Brown, President and CEO of Corsa Network Technologies. “Large organizations have installed ArcSight in as little as one day’s time and have immediately realized critical operational and reporting improvements across their security operations. ArcSight’s reliability and performance makes it easy to recommend the solution to our customers.”

ArcSight and Corsa are teaming to provide large, enterprise-class organizations with a security management solution that provides a comprehensive security environment. This includes centralized monitoring of disparate security resources, real time correlation of security events, vulnerability status and asset value, and comprehensive reporting. ArcSight’s scalability and multi-tenanting provide large end-user customers with a customized view of their security environments.

ArcSight collects and correlates events from any security relevant source of information in a centrally managed relational database. This facilitates the development of a “Security Operations Center” with a real time display of incoming alarms and alerts in a wide variety of graphical and tabular formats. Once an incident is detected, ArcSight swings into action with a full notification and case management system that ensures that attacks and exploits are resolved quickly. ArcSight’s automated reporting system includes a library of pre-configured reports coupled with an easy-to-use authoring system, ensuring that all parts of the organization get the status reports that are most relevant to their needs.

“We are excited to be working with such an experienced and knowledgeable partner,” said Robert Ameral, Senior VP of Sales for ArcSight. “Corsa has high standards in the products that it offers to its customers which means that they always have access to the best of breed solution, all managed by ArcSight . We have already seen the business benefits of this partnership and look forward to expanding both our business and Corsa’s with ArcSight’s solution,”

About Corsa Network Technologies
Corsa Network Technologies, Inc., located in Campbell, California is an innovative Systems Integrator of security systems for the corporate market. The company designs, integrates, and sells robust security solutions that enables confidential communications over internal and external, public and private networks with complete protection, detailed accounting visibility, and ready management control – all via the highest-performing, most-manageable, lowest-cost security products, services and systems in the industry.

About ArcSight
ArcSight is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions that enable large organizations to better manage their security function by integrating and optimizing the management of diverse security devices deployed across a network. By delivering complete aggregation, correlation, investigation, resolution and reporting – all within a single solution – ArcSight provides a coordinated infrastructure that maximizes security results while decreasing overall costs. ArcSight’s 360° Intelligence utilizes asset-based correlation technology that allows enterprises to combine vulnerability assessment data and asset value with real time event data, improving their ability to detect true threats and attacks and react to them in real time. ArcSight’s customers include major financial services organizations, government agencies and managed service suppliers such as Union Bank of California, Sandia Laboratory, and Corio. More information can be found at

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