Baltimore Is First To Remove The Cost and Complexity of PKI Security

Baltimore launches Trusted Business Suite putting the emphasis on business applications. LONDON, October 22, 2002: Baltimore Technologies (London:BLM), a leading e-security company, today launched a new suite of high-trust solutions for the corporate market.

Trusted Business Suite is a set of business modules offering enhanced security in the domain of networking, messaging and documents. Each module is built on top of a core platform (the Baltimore Applied Solutions Engine) that packages Baltimore’s core authentication and authorisation technologies and leverages Baltimore’s strengths in security, scalability and open standards. Trusted Business Suite leverages the power and flexibility of digital signatures and digital certificates to provide security for Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Web-based information exchange, secure messaging and the most commonly used applications within the workplace.

“Today’s launch of Trusted Business Suite is not only an important milestone for Baltimore, but will change the way corporates will exploit the strengths of high-end PKI security technology,” commented Bijan Khezri, Chief Executive of Baltimore Technologies plc. “Through pre-configuring, packaging and seamlessly embedding our core security infrastructure into a suite of networking, data and messaging applications, we have not only made security transparent but we have put business competitiveness first. In addition to our traditional customer base in Finance and Government for high-end security infrastructure projects, Trusted Business Suite will allow us to address an important and growing corporate market segment.”

“Baltimore is taking the fear out of PKI security with Trusted Business Suite,” added Thomas Raschke, Program Manager European Security Products & Strategies, IDC. “This is the right step forward as Baltimore tightly integrates security into existing applications enabling immediate use and ensuring a fast return on investment (ROI) for organisations. Most importantly, Trusted Business Suite puts the emphasis on the business benefits of public key based security rather than the technology that enables it.”

“With Trusted Business Suite, Baltimore is taking a new direction in their way to approach the market,” added Jose Lopez, Industry Analyst and Programme Leader European IT Security, Frost & Sullivan. “This approach will allow Baltimore to address the security needs of a larger number of businesses by offering tailored solutions for their security-critical applications as well as reducing the complexities generally associated with the use and deployment of digital certificates. The solutions suite addresses the security concerns of businesses today who need to have assurances of the source, privacy and accuracy of their data.”

Trusted Business Suite is designed for the high-end corporate market. In particular, where organisations need to manage risk and ensure the source, integrity and privacy of transactions and information over public networks. Each of the modules leverages the same security platform and thereby reduces the total cost of ownership. Trusted Business Suite is preconfigured to be deployed “out of the box” enabling organisations realise an immediate return on investment.

About Trusted Business Suite:
Trusted Business Suite is a suite of high trust business solutions offering enhanced security in the domain of networking, messaging and documents.

Trusted Networks:
Trusted VPN creates a more scalable, manageable and more secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) using digital certificates. It delivers a secure VPN solution built on industry leading technology combined with a complete user enrolment and management facility.

Trusted Web provides access and authorisation management coupled with strong authentication in a web environment. The solution gives businesses the power to guarantee complete confidentiality and integrity of online data, positively identify users and control authorisation over user and resource entitlements.

Trusted Messaging:
Trusted E-mail enables organisations to quickly and easily assign digital certificates to every e-mail user, giving them the power to digitally sign and encrypt e-mails. It enhances the native security in existing Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express e-mail applications.

Trusted Web-mail seamlessly extends messaging to extranets, web services and communication portals, giving users simple and secure access to corporate e-mail anytime, anywhere. It allows companies to extend security outside their domain without impacting the people they transact with, removing any security concerns around critical corporate communications.

Trusted Workplace:
Trusted Documents provides secure digital signing and encryption for electronic documents. It enables users to sign and encrypt any file created in any desktop application.

Trusted Forms enables web based communications and transactions to be signed by applying digital signatures to form-based processes and authenticated using digital certificates.

About Baltimore Technologies
Baltimore Technologies’ products, services and solutions solve the fundamental security and trust needs of e-business in distributed environments. Baltimore’s e-security technology gives companies the necessary tools to verify the identity of whom they are doing business with and securely manages which resources and information users can access on open networks. Many of the world’s leading Finance and Government organizations use Baltimore’s e-security technology to conduct business over the Internet and wireless networks. Baltimore also offers worldwide support for its authorization management and public key-based authentication systems.

Baltimore’s products and services are sold directly and through its worldwide partner network, Baltimore TrustedWorld. Baltimore Technologies is a public company, trading on London (BLM). For more information on Baltimore Technologies please visit

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