Cyberguard Firewalls To Protect Major Mideast Telecom

Saudi Telecom Company – Kingdom’s Only Communications Provider – Selects CyberGuard Firewalls To Secure Network Infrastructure

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and London, UK (October 22, 2002) – CyberGuard Corporation (AMEX: CFW), the technology leader in network security, today announced that Saudi Telecom Company (STC), the only communications provider for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has selected CyberGuard’s premium firewall/VPN appliances to secure its network infrastructure as part of STC’s large Data Network Security Project.

Mr. Sami M.J. Mulla, General Manager Information Security at STC, said, “An important criteria for choosing CyberGuard security systems was their Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 4+ certification. EAL4+ offers independent validation that a security product does, indeed, provide the level of high security required to safeguard vital network infrastructure. In addition to high security, we also require the ability to deliver both exceptional performance in an extremely high-bandwidth environment and ease of administration. CyberGuard’s firewall/VPN appliances, backed up by the experience of MDS/MMR, are the perfect solution for our network security project.”

CyberGuard’s line of firewall/VPN appliances utilizes a multilevel security (MLS) technology. MLS treats each layer of the secure operating system discretely, maintaining complete separation of network traffic from system components. This design removes access to the operating system from would-be hackers, creating a virtually impenetrable firewall environment.

“Without question, sophisticated companies with critical information assets to protect are looking for the kind of high level security we deliver,” said Scott Hammack, chairman and chief executive officer of CyberGuard. “STC is precisely the kind of high-end enterprise we design our security products for – security-conscious, knowledgeable and an industry leader.”

Work on the large network security project has already begun and installation and implementation of the security infrastructure of the project is expected to occur over the next six months.

About Saudi Telecom Company
Saudi Telecom is a company delivering results for its customers as it evolves to cope with the competition it progressively faces as its traditional markets are liberalized. The emphasis for the company is to provide the right solution to customer needs, and it is succeeding in some of the most difficult terrain and climatic conditions imaginable. Saudi Telecom understands that its leading edge network technology (Optical Fiber & ATM backbone), in data, telephone and mobile, and a focus on customer needs is not the end of the story; it also needs a secure business environment where vital information is safeguarded.

About CyberGuard Corporation
CyberGuard Corporation, the technology leader in network security, provides enterprise and electronic commerce security solutions to Fortune 1000 companies and governments worldwide. CyberGuard’s award winning, industrial-strength firewall/VPN products and services protect the integrity of data and applications from unauthorized access. CyberGuard’s appliances, which include SL, KS, FS and LX, hold Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 4+ (EAL4+) certification, the most prestigious and rigorous IT security evaluation available. The company has world headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and branch offices worldwide. More information on CyberGuard Corporation can be found at

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